Cancerous kisses

Marilyn has always been secretly in love with Maria, but some terrible news turns her world completely upside down when Maria's boyfriend is diagnosed with cancer, sending Maria into a dark world of depression and fear. Can Marilyn save Maria from herself while keeping her secret a secret? How much pain does it take before she can finally admit that she is completely in love with her heartbroken best friend? And how will Maria react to the unexpected announcement, if Marilyn ever works up the courage to say it?


1. The News

"Maria?" I clench the phone up to my ear. "Maria, why are you crying? What's wrong, honey?"

My heart is racing for my best friend. She's a tough girl who rarely ever cries, so this is alarming.

"It's...." she coughs. "It's David."

'David?" I ask. David is her hottie of a boyfriend.

I don't find him hot, but to be honest, I don't find any boys attractive. I prefer girls. Nobody knows though.

"David is at the hospital..." She chokes and my stomach drops.

"What's wrong? What happened?" I might hate the stupid guy, but I have to care a bit. "Is he alright?"

"NO." She snaps. "He... He...."

"What is it, sweetie?" I lower my voice and try to sound as reassuring as possible, but i probably just sound a little creepy. She doesn't laugh though, and neither do I.

"Oh my god, Marilyn..." She whispers. "He... He has cancer."


What a dreadful word. 

It took my mother. It took my cousin. And now it's taking David.

"Maria...." I don't know what to say, and she knows that. She knows I'm not good at talking about cancer.

She sobs. "I'm sorry. I don't mean to upset you, I just... Oh god, I didn't know who to call and I cant just keep it to myself 'cause it's KILLING ME."

"Shh, no it's perfectly alright to call me." My voice threatens to tremble. "I'm your best friend and I'm always here for you, okay?"

"Thank you, Marilyn." Silence for a second. "I love you."

Her words make my toes curl up into my feet despite the massive sadness I suddenly feel pressed against my shoulders.

"I love you too." 

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