My Little Monster Busters

A 15 year old girl sets off on a journey after graduating from a monster hunting school. She and her two friends travel the world, ending up in one big war against the mages and warriors.


1. End of School

The last few minutes of school went by slow. Eris bore her bright green eyes to the back of the teacher's head as he wrote pretty useless things on the blackboard, like good luck and tips of surviving. Eris had started daydreaming, wondering about what to do after school was finally done. She didnt notice Mr. Pence, the teacher, turn back and raise an eyebrow at her.

"-now, what are all the elements? Eris?" 

Eris jumped at the mention of her name, and drifted her eyes wearily back on the teacher. "Huh?" She muttered, slightly slumping back in her seat as she stared into the teacher's eyes. He sighed, "will you ever listen?" he teased, giving a slight smile. "I said, what are the elements?"

"Oh! That's easy!" Eris said cheerfully. "Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Lightness, and Darkness!"

She and the class had learned about the elements over the past year, and it was engraved into their memories. They had learned about finding their element and figuring out wich monster is weak to what element. Mr. Pence had taught them everything they needed to know before facing a monster.

The bell finally rang, and the students fled out the classroom. "Remember your studies! Don't forget to write!" Mr. Pence yelled to the them, waving a final goodbye as the last of them left. He sighed, he was sure going to miss them and their little pranks. He looked over to the empty desks, and found a small wrapped box sitting on one. Curious, he swept over there and picked it up. There was a small card imbedded in one of the folds, and he opened it.

"For the best teacher in the universe! -Eris"


Mr. Pence smiled softly. He knew she was going to be a wonderful monster hunter someday, but by her answer on what she wanted to be when she grew up worried him. "Good luck," he muttered, taking the present and abandoning the empty classroom.


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