when i first saw you

When Lexi and her best friend Makenzi go to a cafe down the street from Makenzi's house, will they meet somebody new? Lexi falls for this guy but does it end in a heart break?


1. chapter 1


When i woke up i was blinded by the sunlight that was coming through the windows. i found myself on the floor. i grabbed my pillow and threw it at Makenzi. ''I'M UP" she yelled sitting up. i laughed. ''do you wanna go to starbucks?'' i asked ''ya sure there is one down the street.'' she said. i nodded and got up to get ready. i walked into the bathroom. i got my skinny jeans and a light blue hollister shirt on. i let my brown hair fall into its natural waves. i put a little bit of i shadow and eye liner on. I walked back into Makenzi's room and saw she had some jeans on and a jacket on. she had her long brown hair into a side braid.''you look nice'' i said to her. ''you to'' she said back to me.  i got my black toms on and she got her pink converse on. i grabbed my wallet and we left to go to starbucks. it was freezing so we decided to drive there. i got into the passengers seat and she drove. i started hearing the first few beats to What Makes You Beautiful. ''ONE DIRECTION!!" makenzi screamed while turning up the radio. We started singing along till we got to starbucks. when we got to starbucks i got  in line. ''hey lex will you get me the usual? i need to go to the bathroom." ''ya sure kenzi'' i said. when i turned around i  accidentally bumped into somebody. ''oh im sorry'' he said with a thick irish accent. ''thats okay.;; suddenly realising who i bumped into. "are you niall Horan?'' i said calmly, ''yes i am'' ''oh'' i said to starstuck. he took out a napkin and writing down something. he handed it to me ''call me sometime'' he said. i looked down on the napkin seeing his number ''ok'' i said ''see you later. i have to go.'' ''ok bye'' i said. i turned around and ordered for me and kenzi. Makenzi came back and we sat down. i just sat there quietly thinking about stuff. Did niall horan just give me his number? Is this real life? i was interupted by makenzi asking me something. ''lexi you ok? you seem distant." she said ''ya im fine. just thinking'' i said. ''oh what about?'' ''something that just happened.'' i said. ''what happened?' could i tell her? shes my best friend and all but she could freak out about it to. ''i met somebody.'' i said ''OH MY GOD! WHATS HIS NAME?'' she yelled. should i tell her? ''niall horan'' i blurted out '' NO WAY!!!'' ''yes he gave me his number. i said pulling his number out. ''WOW'' she said/yelled. ''calm down kenzi'' i said to her. she started to calm down. ''lets go to back to your house.'' i said. we walked outside to her car and drove back to her house.

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