The One That Helped Me.

14 year old Taylor moves to small town Sugar City Idaho. Her mom died a month before her father and her moved. Taylor's father... Hasn't been the same sense Taylor's mom died. He has started hurting her, because she looks like her mother, and he doesn't want to be reminded of her. Taylor knows that what her father's doing is wrong, but she doesn't want to tell anybody...
Until she meets Nate. Then everything changes.


1. Bruises.

Ugh. Moving. Life. Just kill me. Now. 

Hello. My name is Taylor Hearthledge. I'm 14. I'm moving away right now from everything I love. My house. My friends. My safety. My boyfriend. We are leaving California right now, at midnight, to a shabby town in Idaho called Sugar City. I googled it last week. It's so small, that on the map, its in parenthesis. I miss our beach house in Santa Monica already. But I miss my mom most of all. But I can never go back to her. Sense well... she's dead. She died last month from a heart attack. And she's only 36. "Was 36." I told myself. I tried my best not to cry. Not in front of my dad. I can't cry in front of him because will know what I'm crying about and... Never mind.

Suddenly I was rudely interrupted by my dad yanking my ear buds out of my ears. "If you can't hear what I'm saying then you've got those things too far up your head!" I shuttered. I was terrified. I instantly turned my music down to level 10. "I'm sorry." I said."You better be." He said.

My iPhone buzzed. A grin crept along my face as I saw who it was from. "I miss you already babe:(" It said. It was from Jake, my boyfriend. Well. Former boyfriend I guess. Sense we are going to be so far apart I guess we can't date anymore. We talked for the last time last night. Let's just say... Lot's of tears were shed. From both of us. I'd never seen him cry before last night. Whenever we are apart for a week, I always get depressed. So when I read this, my heart clenched. I missed him. So much more then usual. I was really depressed right now. With the thought of never being able to see Jake again scared me. This time, I did shed tears. Well, one. I still didn't want dad to see. I just texted him back without smiling, or frowning, or anything. "I miss you too. I can't believe you actually got up at this hour. You will be tired for school tomorrow, go to bed babe:)" I said. Really, I wanted to talk to him. I wanted to see him. I wanted to tell him.... But I didn't, and I won't. I don't want him to think that his girlfriend is being beaten by her own father. I can't tell you how many times I started to text him. But I guess there's no need to now. I know that he suspected something, because sometimes he would see the bruises on my arms and legs, and when we were at the beach he would see the ones on my back. But he just stayed quiet.  "Already awake. Can't sleep. Being without sleep is still better then being without you:(" He said. My heart clenched again. I knew he cared about me. "I don't know how I;m going to live without the beach. Your the lucky one hear!" I said. I practically lived on the beach. I had the best tan. "Had." I thought.

I know why Dad is doing this, if he can't be happy, then no one can.

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