Never thought this would happen

Kellie and Sandra move to London to get away from their past. They never thought they would meet their idols, One Direction. What happens when Sandra falls for Niall and Kellie falls for Liam? Will they be able to stay with the boys through fights, and tours? Who knows...


1. Meeting Them (Sandra's P.O.V)

Sandra's P.O.V

 When Kellie and I got off the plane, it was raining. I've been told many times that its usually rainy here. Obviously, Kellie didn't care because she was running around the airport yelling, " WERE HERE!!!" I laughed at how crazy she was acting. I'm used to her acting like this. We've been friends since 6th  grade and now we just finished our first year at college. We decided to go to college here in London(if we even go again). We are now 19 and  we came here to get away from our past. We got our baggage and got into a cab to go to the house Kellie and I bought. When we got there, Kellie was running around trying to decide which room she wanted out of the 3. Kellie had always been hyper, i was always the one who was mature. " KELLIE!! CALM DOWN AND PICK A ROOM!!" I yelled.  " OKAY CHEEKS!!!" She yelled back. She was the only one who still called me Cheeks and Cheekyboo. In 6th grade when we met,I told her about how people call me Cheekyboo and she started to call me Cheeks. " CHEEKS!!! WHAT ROOM DO YOU WANT?" Kellie questioned me. " I DON'T CARE BUT I NEED COFFEE KELLIE!!" I yelled back. "OKAY WELL GIVE ME A MINUTE AND  WE WILL LEAVE AND YOUR ROOM IS NEXT TO MINE!" She said. A minute later she slid down the railing by the stairs. " Lets go Cheeks."  She said. So we left to find a Starbucks. When we got our coffee we found a seat by the window. A few minutes later Kellie was poking me saying " Cheeks,Cheeks, CHEEKS!"  " WHAT?" She pointed towards the door. I looked and saw Niall Horan and Liam Payne!!!!  Did I mention we are huge directioners? Kellie started shaking, trying to hold in her excietment.  We both stood up walked over to them and Kellie said" Excuse me?" They turned around, looked at us and smiled. We both blushed. " Yes?" Niall asked in his sexy irish voice. " Could you put the address to the nearest clothes store in my phone?" Kellie asked Liam. " Sure, but only if you put your number in my phone." He said. "Okay." She said and blushed. Niall turned to me and asked me for my number.  I gave him my number and he gave me his. A bunch of fans came after that so we had help the boys get out of there easily. When the boys were safe, we said goodbye and went home. i went up to my room to find everything was unpacked already, except our clothes. " If you don't like the way i made your room you can change it." I jumped and turned around. " Sorry miss, my name is Sophie, i'm your maid." The stranger said. " Oh um okay... I'm Sandra." I said. " Hello Sandra and goodnight miss...I mean Sandra." She said Goodnight Sophie." I said She left my room and went over to Kellie's room. I turned off my lights and went to sleep...Even with Kellie laughing really loud in the room next to mine.

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