~Stranded Life~

Alexandra Dawson lived in a pretty big town, well it was New York. Even though it was the most popular state she saw it in a different way better way. Outcasted from everyone else, and her untimingly drunken unsupportive mother, Alexandra basically lives alone and is the "lame" girl in this town. Dealing habbits of her own she is confronted by a older guy who sees the "brighter side" of her. But is he able to win her in time?


1. 1 Girl + 1 Drunken Mom=Knee-High Socks

"l hate your damn guts!" l yelled at her as she stumbled to the floor. My mother for 18 years is now throwing up on my good socks. She's been like that ever since my dad left, which was probally the best thing that happened to me. Clean that up for me" she demanded as she picked herself up. " clean that up yourself i'm taking a shower". I akwardly walked to the bathroom trying not to get the vomit on the floor (which didnt work). I got to the bathroom and quickly took off my sock and placed them in the trash. I was so angry at her all she ever did was get drunk and be out for all hours. She never cared about school or anything l did in my life. She's practically a ghost come to torment my life in anger and pain. I turned on the water and started to take off my denims and tanktop. I then took the rest of my clothes off and got into the shower. I quickly washed the mom throw up off my legs. At least l know my mom had tuna before she decided to get wasted. After l cleansed myself l put a towel around me and started to my room. Once l got to my l grabbed my black tanktop and my yoga pants (l never knew why l were called them yoga pants) and got into bed. It would always take me a long time to fall asleep l would always think about what it would be like if i had a better life. One that didn't involve drunken moms and vomiting, and not having to indour that on your own birthday. "alexandra" l heard my mother say as she opened the door. Why the hell are you in my room" l said getting out of my bed. she was still drunk and loopy, and could barely even walk. " here's your present" she said tossing a wrapped up item on my bed. "l'm going out to get something to drink" she said closing the door. I sat on my bed and picked up the so called present and started unwrapping it. It was badly wrapped. The plastic came off and the present was six pairs of black and purple knee highsocks. It wasn't the worst present in the world, but she couldve done better. I threw the socks on the dresser and nuzzled under my covers. i stared at the wall for what i think to be 10 minutes and slowly drifted into a deep sleep . I was half asleep still staring at the wall when i start hearing banging noises. I tried to ignore the noise but l couldn't, so l got out of bed and put on my slip ons to see what my mother was doing now. I opened my door and walked to through the hallway as the noise grew louder. As the noise grew louder l started to hear grunting and moaning. It came clear to me what happened. I can't beleive she was having sex at this time of night it made me sick to think of what she was doing . I didn't know what to do, either go in there and be scared for life or wait through the noise and indour the horror. My life was already going to hell this was just another fire being thrown at my heart. i quickly ran back to my room and turned my sterio up high and started jumping on the bed. I soon heard repeated knocking and knew she heard it. " why are you blasting music" she scream opening the door. "is there a problem" l said with a smile. " y-yes you woke me up" she lied in my face. My face was red with anger. "get the hell out!" l yelled closing the door in her face. She wasn't anyone i knew anymore just another person sent from hell to kill me from the inside.

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