Frosty Caress


1. Frosty Caress

Shall I compare thee to a winters chill?

Breath hanging in the air as you speak my name,

A faint mist of disdain and piteous façade.

Your eyes bluer than the mightiest glacier of the entire world,

Penetrates beyond my soul!

Engraining in me fear, doubt and resentment.

With each gentle touch of lithe, perfect fingers,

Ice shall form in the depths of my heart,

Freezing my escape to salvation born of the Sun!

So what shall I do when every opportunity is shattered beyond recognition by the chill of your touch?

What can I do?

When I live in a world of rules and consequences and mockery,

What can I do in a world ruled by you, whose arms keep me in a cryogenic embrace?

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