Imagines One Direction

Just some random imagines of the boys of One Direction
Comment some personal stuff and situation and boy so you can get one yourself. x


1. Example imagine of Niall

You and Niall were a couple for about 6 months and he just left the week before for the new tour. You miss him really hard and you guys Skype everyday. But today there was no respone of him. You were getting worried and started to think lots of bad things like he didn't like you anymore or that he was cheating on you. You tried to call and tekst him but still ro response. You were almost crying but suddenly you heared a knock on the frontdoor. While whiping your tears that were falling from your face you opened the door. And there he was, the blond boy that you fell in love with. With your eyes still red and puffy you ran over Niall and hugged him really thight. How you missed those Horan hugs. "Why are you here already? The tour isn't over yet!" you cried out. Niall responded quick:" I forgot to tell you something that I couldn't tekst or tell over Skype.." He was blushing now. You ask full of curiosity:"Well what is it? What do you have to tell me?". He was stuttering and he managed to say:"Well, love you?" When you heared that, your whole world is standing still. The boy you Always loved said that he loved you back. Without answering you pull him in a long passionated kiss. "So I think you love me back?" Niall said blushing. You answered:"Yeah, I love you to Niall Horan".

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