Beautiful Jealousy

Envy is difficult to contain sometimes.
Again, this was something I did a few years back in one of my angry phases. Eh, oh well.


1. Beautiful Jealousy


It pounded in my chest, consuming my will to breathe. 


It left me speechless in times of conversation. 


It made me deaf to any reason. 


It clouded my mind, gnawing at my gullible brain with anxious and bitter thoughts. 


“Why aren’t you good enough?” is what it’d say when I was with them. 


“This is why you’ve become invisible.” it would taunt as it relished in my humiliation and sorrow. 


You deserved it. I deserved it.


Suddenly, the words are my own, as I realize what’s transforming. 


Mirrors begin to show a creature unknown to me. 


A demonic being, hiding under a cracking mask. 


A monstrous creature, waiting to attack.


The opportunity's before my eyes; the advantage mine


...but I take it not. For of all the things I hate about them,


are all the things I love about them.


...Such cruelty, to live in this woe.


AN: Hiya! To whomever reads this, thank you! I'll try at some point in my life to post something a little more upbeat when I can. Thanks again! :D

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