Sleep Forever

she closed her eyes, hoping to never wake up again


1. sleeping forever

The rain is falling down
On a Thursday night
She is lying in her bed
There is only candle light

She sees her reflection on the mirror
Messed up hair
Red eyes
How could someone love me she thought

The voices are calling out her name
Pulling her into darkness
She tries to stand up and fight
She tries to survive

Everyday she wakes up
Asking herself the meaning of being alive
She slowly opens her eyes
Saying, this is a nightmare, over and over again in her mind

Now here she is
In the darkness again
There was this fight she had been in for so long
But she has relapsed

Her vision is blurry
Cause there are tears in her eyes
She blows the candle and pulls up the covers over her head
She closes her eyes, feeling the pills in her stomach, hoping to never wake up again.

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