Emily and Alice both love one direction and cant wait for there concert. But was it fate that Emily parked her car at the 02 car park as it got stolen during the show.?...find out what she does as this drama will catch your attention. (


1. Arriving at every Directioners dream!




I looked into the mirror wondering what colour lipstick I should wear tonight. Alice was in my room getting dressed. Tonight I was going to  see one direction at the 02 and it would be my first concert without my mum as I have recently turned 16!

"Emily!" shouted Alice from my room. "have you picked your lipstick yet because I am ready."

"yes! ill be out in a sec." I called back as I smeared on the red cherry one. I came out of the bathroom to see what Alice was wearing. To my surprise she wore her one direction take me home top that she had purchased on-line at the 1D Store. Alice had it tucked in to a small skirt which was lifted to her waist. She looked wonderful with a red pair of converse. where-as I just wore my pink skinny jeans, white converse and a one direction top. 

I was driving with my brand new car to the 02. I pulled over my sactual and slipped £70 in my purse. We were all ready and about to to go a fantasy with directioners everywhere and every corner we turned. It was bound to be paradise!




Finally we got there. I was so exited as I was about to see my favourite boy band and be with my all time BFF. I was relived when I got there as I thought I was the only one wearing a ridiculous outfit. To my surprise I found older girls with even higher and tighter skirts with crop tops and studded high heals.  There were loads of younger fans there to. I much preferred the younger ones outfits.


Emily parked the car after going round looking for spaces. We went over to the path that leads us up to the big 02 entrance. on our way we had found a wall with a picture of the boys up. I really wanted to go over and take a picture but I didn't want to sound babyish.  "Have you got that piece of paper so we can get our tickets?" Emily asked me, she was jumping up and down with joy. "Yeah, hold your horses save the happiness for the show." I joked. We handed over the sheet of paper as the man gave us two tickets, front row to go see boy band one direction. 

We headed into the 02. It was crowded with people. (or directioners) The support act 5 SOS (Five seconds of summer)  were coming on stage in around 45 mins. Me and Emily looked at each other as we had the same idea as each other . which was to go to the 1D World store which just opened and was at the other side of the O2.


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