over again

I dont know where im going with this story but lets find out shall we?


1. confused


    Me and my friend Jade decided to go to the basketball court to play my favorite sport basketball obviously, but when we got there the guys where there Niall,Harry,Louis,Liam and the guy i liked for the past 3 years Zayn.  The thing with Zayn was that I was pretty sure he liked my bestfriend cause it seemed like he was always flirting with her but today shes not around so I cant get jealous.  The guys game over and asked me to play cause they knew Jade dont like to play so we divided into 2 teams it was me, Niall,Liam against Harry,Zayn,Louis.  After the game my team won because of me of course! After the guy we all just toke some free shots and talked and then we all sat down ad started to play truth or dare and of course Jade asked me who I liked (she don't know i never told anyone but everyone thinks i do like Zayn) I wouldnt answer her and so I just said somebody here. and got up toke the ball from Liam and started shot the ball into the basket one after another after another hoping they cant find out who it is.  After that Zayn came up behind and hugged me I was surprised but hes probably just being a big flirt again.  But for the rest of the night he kept hugging me and we where walking around out small little community and his arm was around my waist the whole time and then we sat down at a park and his arm was still around me and he moved my head so i was lying on his chest.  The moment in time felt so perfect then my friend Melissa called me she kept asking me who I liked cause for the past few weeks all my friends where trying to find out who I liked so i hung up and text-ed it to her and just left it at that.  Before we knew it, it was midnight so me and Jade had to go home I was sleeping over to Jades and it was close by the park and the guys houses so they walked us home and Zayn game me one last hug but this time he kissed me on the cheek. Me and jade then when into her house and I had the biggest smile ever on my face and she just asked me if i like Zayn all I said was no duh.  We both then went to sleep.  The next morning I had to go home early so I got up and got ready and left when I got home I got a quick shower I got out brushed my hair and put it in a bun and haled on a pair of shorts and tank top.  It may only be May here but its really hot.  When I was ready I checked my phone and I had a text from Zayn. He must have put his number in cause I didn't have it before and his name is Zayn is so hot I would die with him in my world. Anyways the text was asking me to hangout today with him and the guys I said sure and they said to drop over to Loui house.  When I got to the House I knocked on the door and Zayn answered and gave me a big hug and the out piled the guys Niall shouted out that where walking to Nandos so we did and the whole time Zayn had his arm around my shoulder it felt so perfect.  When we got there all the guys ran to the washroom expect for Zayn he staid there with me and surprisingly he asked me if I liked him all i could say was why? and he kept asking and all i said was why? he gave up but a minute later when he hugged me again I said yes in his ear.  He just looked at blankly and he kissed me! he just kissed me and i was confused cause i thought he liked my best friend but i guess not he then said "Do you wanna be my girl"  I hugged him and said well obviously.


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