Dangerous Power

Sydney's life has always been bad, and as much as she wold like to forget about the past, she can't. Now she goes to a school that isn't normal, and her only company: two very different guys. As her present starts spiraling out of control, her past may be the only thing that could save her life, and the one's she loves.


1. Seven years ago

I sat in the tiny room. Both my hands and feet were handcuffed to the chair. I looked at the wall were I knew the one way window was. I squinted and pretended like I could see the people. Recording what I say, watching what I do. A man walked through the heavy metal door with a crisp suit on. The door closed behind him and I could hear it lock. He sat down at the chair across from mine.
        "Hello Sydney." He said his voice echoing in the tiny room.
        "Hello." I replied looking right in his eyes. I had made up my mind on what I was going to do.
        "Today's your birthday right?" 
        "Right." I respond. He smiles.
        "Well happy birthday." I knew what was coming next.
        "I am here to ask you one question. We hope that you would answer it truthfully or-" 
        "Or what?" I interrupt. He narrowed his eyes. 
        "We have other methods." I shrugged, fair enough. He took a deep breath.
        "Did you or did you not kill your family." That was the question I have been asked every week for the last year. I have lied my way through it all but there was to much evidence against me. I sigh.
        "Yes I killed them." I let it sink in. He is surprised and doesn't try to hide it.
        "All of them?" 
        "Yes." I smiled. Time to have some fun. "It was easy, just BANG!" I say the last word really loud so he could hear it.  "All three in the head." The chair squeaks as the man stands up. He looks genuinely frightened. I laugh, hard. He walks over to the chair in which I was sitting in. He leaned in so close that I could smell the coffee in his breath. 
        "Are you sure? Because there is no turning back, your life only goes down hill from here." His eyes were narrowed. I nod.
        "I'm sure." He sits back down and leans back, he has given up.
        "Why'd you do it?" He asks.
        "They were annoying me ok?" I was almost yelling. It was a touchy subject.
        "But normal children don't just go and kill their-"
        "But maybe I'm not like normal children, maybe they were really annoying." I want to cross my arms, which I can't do with my hands handcuffed to the chair.
        "That's no excuse." He says shaking his head. A loud buzzer goes off. The man stands up and pushes in his chair.
        "We're done here. We have what we need. Guards will come and escort you to a police van where you will be driven to Jackson Penitentiary 2 hours from here. Your court date is on the 13th." The door opened. The man looked back at me one last time and left. The clanging of the door was the only sound echoing throughout the walls of the tiny room.

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