my name is Georgia and this is the story of my life. I have a hard life. I go from place to place with my five best friends. its actually a lot less complicated than it seems. you see, I am best friends with the worlds biggest boy band, one direction, but it doesn't stop there. my life is perfect but things are starting to change... let me go back to when I met the boys... (read this movella to find out more).


1. Liam and Danni

Most people hate mornings, but I love them because it means its the start of another great day. I love what I do, I don't really do anything though, well I mean I don't get paid to do any thing. I tour the world with my five best friends which are also the biggest boy band in the world, one direction, "Georgia, Liam's on the phone, he wants to talk to you!" that was Harry. He doesn't know I know , but he's kind of always liked me as more than just a friend. Liam told me a week after we met. Were best friends and tell each other everything. "Ok Harry, one second I'm coming down" me and Harry live  together, but just as friends. We moved in together because I needed to satay some were when I moved up to London when I met the boys and Harry offered me his spare room. That's when Liam told me about his feelings. I ran down the stairs and took the phone off Harry and he smiled at me. "hey Li" I said casually, but then I heard him sniffle on the other end of the line. " Liam, what's wrong?" I looked at Harry concerned, but he obviously didn't even know he was upset by the look on his face. " Liam?" I said again getting worried. Harry came closer with the same look I imagine that's on my face. " Danni, broke up with me." Danielle was Liam's girlfriend, well I guess ex-girlfriend now "oh, Li I'm so sorry" I said sadly. Harry looked at me questionably and I mouthed it to him. " It's going to be ok, don't worry" I told him " year I guess. listen I need some time alone I just thought I'd let you know, bye" he said sadly ,I felt really bad, but I guess it was for the best. "ok, bye. I'll speak to you later." I said and I gave the phone back to Harry just as the rest of the boys and Eleanor, Louis' GF, and Perry who's Zayn's jumped through the door squealing, they were obviously exited for the show tonight it's the first one the other girls will be attending, I go to every one to support them which is one of the reasons I live with Harry. "wow, who died?" Louis joked he really doesn't think before he speaks, but he's still really funny, but can get annoying sometimes, at least he has Eleanor to keep him in line. "Louis, no" El said shaking his head. she was very good with Lou "sorry" Louis said bowing his head in shame. "what IS wrong" Zayn said looking in the mirror, and he wonders why we call him vain. "yes, and where's Li, we were going to rehearse again for tonight" said Niall, he was very passionate about getting everything perfect for the performance." I don't think that's a good idea." harry said. the others had questionable look's on their faces. "err... Liam just called... Danni broke up with him. but I think we should leave him alone, he said he needed to think." I finished Harry's sentence. "Oh... poor him" Perry sighed she was really sweet like that. "yes, I think that's best, so I guess we'll catch you guy's later" said El sweetly " ok, see you at rehearsals later" Harry said "bye guy's" I finished, they're always making fun of us about finishing each others sentences. "k" Louis said "see you later alligator"  "In a while crocodile" I said, the others just laughed at us and left. Harry's phone started to ring and he looked at it and Sighed. "is that Taylor again?" I asked. Taylor  was Harry's ex."yer, but I'm not going to answer it. I'm into some one else now, actually she was why I broke up with Taylor" he said avoiding my gaze. "I know" I said without thinking and immediately regretted it "err...you do?" he said nervously. "well...err... I new you fancied someone but I don't know who." I said a little too quickly but I don't think he noticed because he breathed a sigh of relief "good" was all he said and made his way upstairs.

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