A Normal Girl (OneDirection FanFiction)

Angel is a 18 year old that woke up from a dream where she dated Niall Horan. To understand the story more go read my FanFiction "Just A Friend?" here is the link:


If you read it, it will make a lot more sense ! Thank you, xxx


1. A Crazy Day

    Angle's P.O.V


"Now where can I go..." I say looking disappointed.


"Let's go to the park!" My best friend Faith says pulling me outside. 


We walked for 15 minutes and when we were getting closer we heard screaming fans and then everything blacked out.


"I think she woke up!" I hear an Irish accent say.


"What's happening?" I say sitting up. 


"The boys were running away from fans and accidentally bumped into you and you blacked out." I see Faith my best friend say.


"Oh..." I say rubbing my eyes. 


"Hello!" I hear a british accent say.


It can't be. Was it One Direction? Not like i'm a fan or anything it's just... 


"Oh let us introduce ourselves!" I hear a low British accent say.


"No need to do that!" I say smiling but still rubbing my eyes.


"So your a fan?" I hear another one say.


"Nope... but she is." I say pointing at Faith that was fangirling.


"Oh ..." I hear all of them say as they approach to Faith with an evil smiles on their faces. 


"Hello there Faith!" I hear Niall say.


"OH MY GOD! You just said my name!!!" Faith says tackling them all and laughing.


"Whats your name beautiful?" Niall says sitting down next to me on the sofa, 


"I'm Angel!" I say smiling.


"Well that explains everything!" I hear Zayn say smiling cheekily.


I just blush.




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