The Girl Next Door

Mia has just moved into a new apartment in London and her neighbor happens to be Liam Payne. She thinks she has fallen for his friend Niall, until Liam gets involved and things get complicated.
Niall or Liam? Niall or Liam?
Will she end up with one of them or none?
Will she be able to escape her past and have a chance at romance?
Or will she stay 'just The Girl Next Door...


1. Moving In

 Mia's P.O.V 

 'F*ck' I pant, as I climb the last flight of stairs, carrying the last box of my stuff. I try to balance the large box under one arm as I open the door,

'You need a hand?' asks a guy coming out of the apartment next to mine. 

'No thanks, I got it I say,' after I say this i stumble under the weight of the box and fall back, luckily the guy caught me. 

'You still got it?' He asks with a smile.

'Guess Not.' I reply with a laugh.

'He takes the box from me and carry's it into the apartment.

He puts it on the ground and holds out his hand 'I'm Liam,' he says 'Liam Payne'

'Hi' I say, shaking his hand.'Mia. Mia Jones.'

'Well, Mia, Mia Jones.' I guess i'll see you around.' he says with that adorable smile.

'I guess you will, Liam, Liam Payne.'

As he leaves I flop down onto the sofa. The introduction wasn't necessary, I knew who he was. He was Liam Payne from One Direction. There's probably not a girl in the world that doesn't know their names. I don't know why everyone makes such a fuss about them, I mean so what if their famous? Their still normal people. And he seems sweet, plus he is HOT. 

But I couldn't date him, he lives in the building. What if we went out and it doesn't go well...Awkward.

Oh my God Mia, you can't be thinking this, you just met the guy and already your thinking about dating him? He introduced himself and helped you lift a box, he was just being nice. What is wrong with you?

But I just couldn't date him.....could I?


I put those thoughts out of my head and lay down on the sofa, 'I wonder what my sister would say if she knew that I had met Liam Payne?' I thought. 'probably jealous.' 

I shake my head trying to rid myself of the memories of her, after all that's what I got away from and I am never going back. 


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