Everything about you

The is girl named Allison and she is tired of every body not under standing her so she runs away and meets one direction and they let her stay with them


1. Goodbye bad life

My name is Allison people think that I'm like worse than anybody or anything. Today I was on Facebook and people were saying I was gothic ugly fat a total enbaresment to my only friend, Cassedy. If nobody wants me there's only one option. I'm running away from home. My parents hate me and people from school hate me and my family hates me. I packed my toothbrush, comb, a sleeping bag and my gutair. I was walking around looking for somewhere to live. I finally found a place were the wearer was nice and there was lots of space. I saw a huge building next to it so I decided to take a look . I saw these 5 amazing singers and I nodicted it was one direction. I hated them so, I went back to my new home. I slept for about an hour and the concert was done. All the guys came but Niall said what are you doing here? I ran away. Niall said come on we live in a huge house. I felt wanted then like Cassedy wasn't the only one that cared about me.Wait, slow down one direction are mean nasty rude people I thought to myself. But there was another voice in my head saying maybe they will be nice.when we got there Niall gave me a big room with lots of nice stuff. Maybe the voice in my head saying maybe they'll be nice was right.

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