kiking with harry styles

erins searched all over the internet for famous harry styles' kik. she messages all of them but one seems to just feel special. is it really him? they become friends and they fall in love but cant tell each other! too many secrets could drive them apart...


1. hmmmmm this one looks real

Erin's pov

i was scrolling and scrolling through fanpages until i found one that looked legit. i typed the username and said 

ERIN: hi 

i waited for a response......nothing....i started playing a game still waiting nothing..........i got really tired and just rested my eyes for what seemed like  5 mins until my phone vibrated on my tummy i had a message! from possibly harry 

HARRY: hello :)

ERIN: ummm are you who i think you are?

harry:depends who you want me to be...;)

ERIN: are you harry styles

HARRY: that what my name says 

ERIN: i dont beleive you and i have to go bye 

HARRY goodbye :)


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