Bloody Love

when grace meet's 1D at a meet and greet Niall falls for her but she doesn't know there darkest secret they're vampires. and when grace does find out will she stay? will the boys kill her? find out!


1. meet 1D

Grace's POV: I ran through the building screaming for help when I hit something hard. I look up to see niall red eyed and fangs out. " hey love." I stood up fast and ran off soon I saw harry in front of me, how'd he get there. " trying to run from a vampire love?" he said laughing. I ran off again when Niall caught me. teeth on my neck he said, " wow you smell amazing." I felt a small pain in my neck, then every thing went black.






trying to do a vampire fanfic so hope you like it- Niall's babe <3

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