Lighthouse Girl

The most radiant characters are living in our minds because they're a part of us.What we are,what we have been and what we want to be. This a story of wanting to help others. A tale of a few made-up minutes combined with life-long real feelings.


1. Lighthouse Girl


Lighthouse Girl

Amongst the dull sea of people
One boy spied the most exquisite lighthouse.
She illuminated his world 
In a single glance.
Eyes met
Expressions read
Smiles spread.
The boy sailed away in pursuit
Of new light to guide him.

Behind masses of barbed 
Wire, razor rocks and a ferocious tempest
The faint glow of the lighthouse 
Went unnoticed by all but 
The most observant.

Tides washed his delusion to
Shore and rocks crushed his 
Fatigued, hollow shell of
 Emotions. He stormed the barricade
Climbing over her self-made walls.

Shock swirled havoc in her mind as
Her defense, that once functioned 
Perfectly, fell to dust.

Unprotected, eyes swimming with destruction.
A silent tear caressed her cheek as
His hand reached out.
Unable to accept vulnerability
The beacon instantly faded to darkness.
Leaving an abundant absence 
Upon the place she once stood and 
In the chambers of young heart. 

Once, there was a boy who
Saw even the faintest light of people.
Desperately wanting to project their
Goodness to our dim judgments.
But soon he learned he couldn't
Rescue those who were unwilling
To be saved.

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