deeper than deep

a girl named desirae is a swimmer but when she goes into her social life things get crazy and it effects her when she has a swimming competion and she messes it up and it changes her life deeper than deep


1. her story

Desirae Porter was an ordinary teenager until  May 14 2013,this was the day she became blind and injured. This was the WORST day of her life.This is how it began.It started out like a normal day actually better then normal.She had the swim competition she'd been training for a year for today.She was a little nervous but really confident. (which you need to be to be a swimmer).she woke up at 6:30 as usual and picked out her clothes and made her bed.She packed her bag and ate breakfast brushed her teeth and ran out the front door and waited for her bus 11309.When she got on, she noticed people were staring at her more than usual but, she paid no attention to it.When she got to school people were now laughing at her she thought well now this is weird but she tried not to think about anything but her swim competition.Then she got a text from her friend Abby who also is on the swim team that  said to hurry up and to check her phone on chatters(a media website everyone at her school goes on. she stares at the screen in awe of what her chatters status said she screamed somebody hacked me!!!She ran crying down the hall into the gym lockers were the swimmers meet before a competition she asked Abby confused who would do this to me? (Bye the way  her chatters account  said this:i am stupid and fat and i stink at swimming!)

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