My randomness book

Basically, sometimes I feel like writing something on here, but I don't have a story that what ever I want to write will work in. So, I decided to write a book where anything could be in it so I can write what ever I want in it. It might be a start to a story, it could be just what ever I'm thinking at the time. But one thing is for sure, it will definitely be incredibly random.


1. Anything :)

Two things to start with

1) You have to sing the chapter title for it to work. An is low, y is medium and thing is high. (I did tell you {whoever you are} that this was going to be random)

2) I chose this cover because it is random, and because it was CUUUTE :)

Okay, so hi. One quick thing, if you are reading this because you think it will be like one of my other movellas, you are very VERY wrong. This one may have bits that are slightly similar to other movellas, but it is pretty unlikely. So, a bit about me, I go to 3 different dance classes a week. I go to a tap class from 5:30 till 6 o clock on Monday and a ballet class from 6 till 6:30 after that. I also go to a street dance class on Saturday from 11:30 till 12:15 at the same place. On of my favourite hobbies is baking (as you might have been able to tell from the name!). I am going to have one of my favourite dinners i.e: sausages and chips so that is the end of my first chapter of randomness. Wait, tell me if you think randomness is a proper word or not in the comments. I like to include other readers cos it is fun to know what other people think :)

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