Best Buddies~Cute Couple

A One Direction fan-fic of how a old time friendship can turn into a full-on relationship. More chapters to come!


1. Change of plans

     My name is Adrianna Summers and I have just lost my best friend, Niall Horan. It all started when he met his current girlfriend, Zoe Whelan. I always had a feeling she'd steal Niall. Which is why I never liked her. She is prettier, sexier, is a model and more appealing to Niall. But, I just know she will break Niall's heart.


      "Hey Addy, can I talk to you for a moment?" Niall's voice always cheers me up. "Sure anything for you". "You know about Greg's wedding?". "Yup, this week right? I am so excited! I already have my dress my make-up and everything.". "Well, that's the thing see, I haven't gotten a chance yet to introduce Zoe to the family and this seemed like a good opportunity and...". "And you'd rather take her rather then me right?" "Addy, don't act like this isn't supposed to happen, she Is my girlfriend after all." "Yeah, and I'm just your best friend, right?" "Addy, wait..."

       First of all, I know what you're thinking. Niall has a point. Zoe is his girlfriend and I know that. And if I knew that, then why am I so hurt? Could it be? Did I really have feelings for Niall this whole time?


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