Bring it on

Aliyah Epstein, wished to become the backup singer of her favorite band The Wanted. She was they're biggest fan, and was in love with one of them. She hoped that becoming their backup singer can get her closer to all of them. When her plan backfires, and she finds out that her "love of her life" is with someone else, will she turn to the wanted's enemies, One Direction? Or will she find them as some annoying british lads? What if she fell in love with a band member from One Direction? She plays it tough, but a certain someone thinks that she will fall under his spell. Aliyah is taunted by him, who is Zayn Malik, he keeps saying that she loves him. As well as Harry. When she loses it, a battle begins. A battle of love,betrayal,trust, and hatred. Let the best band win.


1. Small town girl



      "Until forever comes you'll find me chasing the sun. Oh oh oh oh -" I sing into the recording studio getting cut off by some jackass known as my boss. "Great job Aliyah, but you keep singing the same band. Maybe try something different?" he suggests. "NO! No! I can't just do that! I've been working so hard for this!" I yell. "Maybe you're trying too hard. If The Wanted ever did hear you, don't you think they'll just think you're an over obsessed fan?" he asks. "Maybe i am." i say not afraid to admit it. "Aliyah..." my boss, Richard, says. "What!" i snap. "I think we're going to have to let you go... we need someone new different." he says. "WHAT?! Oh let me guess the last part, its not you its me. ha typical." i say crossing my arms over my chest. He chuckles and replies, "We're not even dating. Plus, there's a hot new band coming here, i havent heard what band yet, and if we add them to this studio, we have to let someone go..." he says trailing off. "That someone is me? right?" I say looking down. He nods and sighs. "Richard.. this studio is like my home. My dad came here..." i say. "I know sweetheart, thats why i feel so guilty, so I will let you use the studio when its closed, you can work on weekdays as my assistant, how about that?" he asks me. "Sure." I say and shrug even though I feel so excited inside. "Great, Aliyah i have hopes in you, i dont think you're gonna be just a small town girl." he says. "Yah well I am for now..."I say and he just nods knowing not to push me any further. "RICHARD!" Elise, the reception lady comes running in. "What is it?! Is someone hurt!?" Richard asks concerned and Elise and I both laugh knowing that Richard is only concerned about everyone's safety. "No! The band is here! And man are they hot! You should date them Aliyah." she says. "if they are from the wanted then hell yah!" i say and everyone laughs. "Come on Aliyah, since you're my assistant you may attend this meeting with this band." he says and i follow him out. When we walk to the lobby, im ready to meet the band of my life. The Wanted. That is until, i realize its a bunch of british teenagers. One Direction. They're the Wanted's enemy! I shouldn't be here! "Why shouldn't you be here?" the striped one asks. oops i said that aloud. "Because you're my enemies." I say and glare at them. Richard looks at me giving me a confused glance. "Why are we you're enemy?" the one with an irish accent asks. "Because you're the wanteds enemy." I reply. "We got a wanted lover here. They suck our dicks little girl." the curly one says. I narrow my eyes at him. "Yah they're so good at it, your dick bleeds and you die. Dont call me little girl." i say. "Little girl! LITTLE GIRL! LITTLE GIRL!" he repeats. "Oh you didn't wanna do that, curly dick." I say and knee him in his dick. "OH LORD!" He screams and falls to the ground. "Aliyah!" Richard screams at me. "I can't wait to tweet The Wanted this!" I gush out. Richard sighs and calls Elise over. "Aliyah's a pretty name." the one with a ski slope hair says. "I know," I reply. "Gee.. modest much?" he asks. "I never said i was." i say. He starts to reply but my cell rings. I look at the number, no my eyes are tricking me. This can't be. DOES IT SAY THE WANTED'S MANAGEMENT? OH MY FUCKING GOD! I scream and everyone stares at me. "hello?" i ask trying to act cool. "Hello, this is The Wanted's management and we were wondering if you would like to sing backup for The Wanted? We got your applications and we think you sound great." the deep voice says. Oh. My. Lanta. I squeal. "Yes! I mean sure." I say. "Ok great, meet us in London on Saturday at around 7 pm, for your first concert." the voice says. "OK!" i say. "we sent the tickets to your email, thank you. Goodbye." it says and hangs up. Guess Richard was right, im not a small town girl anymore. 

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