Fame Changed You

Perry was Niall's best friend back in Ireland, but now she hardly hears from him. She feels as if she has lost the only person she could trust. How will Niall react when he gets a letter explaining her feelings?


2. Dear Perry

It has been a week since I received Perry's letter. I want to reply and show her that I am still 'just a boy for Mullingar' but whenever I my pen touches the paper my mind goes blank.  

For the millionth time this week I stare at the blank piece of paper, just wanting to gush all my feeling out at once. An idea pops into my head, I can just call her. My eyes quickly skim through the phone directory until I find her name and number. My fingers hurriedly type it in, then I press the 'call contact' button. 

"Hello?" A female voice asks with a hint of annoyance.

"Hi. Is this Perry Smith?" I say into the receiver.

"Yes it is, and who's calling?" She replied letting out a small yawn.

"Ni-" The line went dead before I could finish my sentence. 

"Good one Niall.." I mutter under my breath as I walk over to the couch. My eyes started darting back and forth between the blank piece of paper and pen resting on the coffee table. Without any more thought I grabbed the pen and started writing...


Perry's P.O.V

I slow make my way back to my apartment after a hard day of work, sometimes I don't know why I bother anymore. I mean we are all going to die anyway.

I open the heavy door leading into my apartment complex and open my mail box. I grab the letters filling the cramped compartment and continue up the stairs. Once I make it to my apartment I swing open the door and flick on the lights. My cat, Ginger, runs over to greet me. I know what you're thinking and yes my cat thinks she's a dog, but thats why I love her. 

When I am skimming through my mail I see something unexpected. I pick up the green envelope and slowly open it, not caring to look who the sender was. My eyes open wider in shock as I read the letter..


Dear Perry,

I know that you think I'm this complete and utter douche bag, I mean who wouldn't. I forgot to say goodbye to my best friend... What sought of person does that? A terrible one, that's who.

I never meant to hurt you. I would hate myself if I ever did. What you also don't realise is that it's hard to try and make everyone happy when I'm so busy all the damn time! OK? There is said it. I don't have time for the people I care about. Is that what you wanted to hear? Is it? I hardly even talk to my mum, do you know how much that hurts? I just want to go back to living a normal life ok! Not to be followed around everywhere.

The fans don't get it. They just want us to be everywhere at anytime they like. So don't go starting on how your life sucks because you don't get mobbed every time you go out do you? 

I just don't get what you want from me! I tried calling you and you just kept on hanging up! So it's not just my fault, you have to admit if you didn't have such a stuck up attitude then everything would have been fixed by now!



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