True love<3

One Direction fan fiction once again! More of a story than just random stuff.


1. Normal Day

!Beep beep!My alarm clock went off on a Tuesday morning and I had too go too school.I put on my makeup and some baggy jeans and a t-shirt that says "rock out".I walked too school and went walking too my locker."Hey ugly",Louis was standing right behind me going too bully me as usual and it was horrible!"What do you want Louis"? "I don't know how about some slapping in the face game"! My eyes were wide open and started too tear up when he slapped my face and grabbed my books and threw them on me!Everybody started too laugh.I ran into the girls bathroom and cried for a minute and saw no mark on my face,just tears.No one cared or wanted too help me,they were busy laughing at me and kneeling down for King Louis!"Why why why"?I would always ask myself that as I sat there crying and walking too class having a smile on my face but really was sad in the inside."Why are you so happy Emily,you know you hate yourself"? I walked away and sat at my seat in front of the class.I was paying close attention too the teacher. "Class,I am going too give you some buddies for a assignment and he told everyone where they were going too.Finally I was up next and of course I got Louis!I frowned and he giggled and bunched his fists just too get them ready.It was time to go home and Louis ran up too me and walked with me home in silence.We got out the notes and we did the whole entire project without saying a word.When we were done me and him were finally talking."So um I had fun,what about you"?He smiled a little bit waiting for me too answer."Yea",I whispered but loudly enough so he can here it.I faced the other way and faced back when he tapped my back.

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