House On Haunted Hill

Zayn, Destiny, Niall, Bree, Harry, Tori, Liam, Kaylee, Louis and Melanie decide to spend Halloween night at a haunted house on "Haunted Hill". Love stands between death, and death stands between love. Will they make out alive, or will they perish forever. Bloody-Mary,Clowns,Dolls. Who will be the first victim?!?


1. Meet The Characters


Zayn Malik-Dark brown hair with a quiff, Brown eyes

Girlfriend-Destiny-Dark brown hair, brown eyes

Dislikes: Heights and spiders


Niall Horan- Dirty blonde hair, Blue eyes

Girlfriend- Bree Listt- Light red curly hair. Green eyes

Dislikes: Spiders and China dolls


Harry Styles- Curly hair, Green eyes

Girlfriend- Tori Brown- Light brown hair, Hazel eyes

Dislikes: Worms and Clowns


Liam- short light brown hair, brown eyes

Girlfriend- Kaylee Summers-Wavy blonde hair, Grey-Blue eyes

Dislikes: Popcorn and Spiders


Louis- Light brown hair. Light blue eyes

Girlfriend- Melanie Wright

Dislikes: Big dogs and Clowns




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