We Meet Again

When Jamie's and Justin's friendship ends they don't speak for two years. When they meet again will they continue being friends or become more than that?


1. Concert

"Please, please, please!" My best friend Claire kept tugging on my arm and kept begging me to take her to a Justin Bieber concert tomorrow that some girl gave her front row tickets for $100 each, and she wants to take me. After hearing her all day I finally gave in. 

"Oh my god! You're the best, Jamie!" She came over to me giving me a huge hug. My name is Jamie Lynn Summers. I have long brown hair that reached my hips, blue eyes, and I'm a senior in high school. My best friends are Claire and Josh. They've been my best friends since kindergarten and we never drifted apart not even through high school. 
"So what are you ladies up to tomorrow?" asked Josh taking a seat next to Claire. 
"We're going to a Justin Bieber concert!" said Claire in excitement. Claire is a huge fan of Justin but she's not a belieber. But I think later she will turn into one. Me on the other hand, I'm not. See, I've known Justin since I was practically born. My mom and his mom were best friends in high school, and they still are. Me and Justin were best friends until we drifted apart after liking Selena Gomez. 
It was summer and I had visited Justin who was taking a break in Canada. We spent most of the summer together which made me get feelings for him. 
"Hey Justin I have to tell you something." I walked up to him while he was eating a sandwich. 
"What's up?" I couldn't hold it in any longer I had to tell him. 
"I... Like... You.." I struggled to get the words out but still told him. 
"Oh, well... I like Sel.." My heart froze. I wanted to cry but I stopped myself. 
"Oh.." There was an awkward silence between us until he finally spoke. 
"I'm really sorry Jamie, hope we can still be friends?" He touched my arm but I shrugged it off and that's when the tears came. I got off the couch and went to my room I packed my bags and headed for the door. 
"Where are you going?" Justin stopped me before I stepped out. 
"Away from you." I ran out the door. It was raining but that didn't stop me. I heard Justin running after me and calling out my name. 
"Jamie!" He was quicker than i was so he caught up. A black range rover pulled up besides us. 
"Hey baby."'said Selena stepping out of the vehicle and gave Justin a kiss. They started making out which made the perfect time to run away. I arrived to the airport and went to the restroom to change into dry clothes. 
"A flight ticket to Los Angeles, please." The lady gave me my ticket as I arrived right on time to leave.
*End of flashback* 
The bell snapped me out of my thoughts as I walked with Claire and Josh out to the parking lot. School ended and me and Claire headed to my place. Claire couldn't sleep from all the excitement she had while I couldn't stand the thought of seeing Justin. Its been two years so I don't think he'll recognize me which made me calm myself and knock out. 
"Jamie get your lazy ass up!!" Claire yelled in my ear making me jump. 
"Five more minutes." I held up my hand holding five fingers in the air. 
"No we have to get ready already the line for the concert is going to be long and crazy!" She pulled off the covers and kept moving me. 
"I'm up." I headed to the restroom and took a shower. Claire was almost done. What time did this girl wake up? I went over to my closet and decided on what to wear. 
"I already chose your outfit." I turned back to Claire who was pointing at my clothes that was on the bed. I love this girl but damn she goes crazy when it comes to Justin Bieber. I went to go see what she planned out and noticed I never owned any of these clothes. 
"Claire?" I asked. 
"Hmm?" She responded. 
"These aren't my clothes." I pointed out. 
"Oh I know I went to the mall the day before to get us something." She smiled. My outfit was a high waisted skirt with a tank top tucked inside. My shoes were silver flats since I can't stand high heels. Claire was wearing high waisted shorts and a blouse tucked in with beige wedges. She did my hair while I put on a thin layer of make up. It was 5 o'clock but it takes about thirty minutes to get there. 

"Los Angeles!!" said Justin through the microphone making all the girls scream as well as Claire. I just stood there clapping trying to hide myself from him seeing me since we were front row. He sang Boyfriend, As Long As You Love Me then Beauty and a Beat. 
"Body rock, girl I can feel your body rock eh eh eh, take a bow you're on the hottest ticket now." I was dancing with Claire when all of a sudden Justin stopped singing. The whole crowd got quiet and kept wondering why he stopped. I turned to Justin who was staring directly at me. I looked away from him and say down.
"Sorry guys I.. Umm.. got a little distracted."He continued the song and went backstage for a costume change. He sang a few more songs when I felt Kenny tap my shoulder. 
"Justin told me to choose you for the One Less Lonely Girl." I looked over at Claire who had a shocked look on her face. 
"Sorry but I think I'll pass." I said. 
"Are you fucking crazy!? Go!!" Claire pushed me towards him and Kenny took me backstage. 
"I know who you are." Kenny told me. 
"What?" I asked surprised. 
"You're Justin's best friend." He said. 
"I was his best friend." I corrected him. He nodded. 
"Really? He talks about you a lot." I felt my cheeks get a slight pinkish color. Stop Jamie you're embarrassing yourself I thought. The song started playing and I was freaking out. I never thought I'd see him again, guess I was wrong. 
"Put these on." Kenny handed me earplugs. "You'll need them." I nodded in response. One of Justin's dancers came backstage to take me out. Kenny was right I did need the earplugs. The crowd roared and I saw Claire screaming like a maniac. I laughed at her and I guess she noticed since she rolled her eyes at me. I looked at Justin who couldn't keep his eyes off me. He took my hand and pulled me into a tight hug pulling his microphone away from his mouth. 
"I missed you." He whispered in my ear. He took me towards the chair and placed the crown on top of my head. He sat on my lap and kept singing to me. 
"There's gonna be one less lonely one less lonely girl one less lonely one less lonely girl." He placed his hand on my cheek and never stopped staring at me. The song ended and he took me backstage. 
"Where did you go?" His eyes got watery. 
"Here." I got emotional as well. 
"Don't you ever fucking leave again." He pulled me into a tight hug when one of the backstage workers interrupted us.
"Justin you're out in 30 seconds." He said. 
"Alright." He looked at me and was gonna say something else until the guy came back. 
"15 seconds." He reminded him. 
"Meet me at the park after the show." He kissed my cheek and put on his microphone and went back on stage. 

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