In The Sky -Chapter 3 - Tied to the front of a moving train

A chapter 3 for White Ravens (3)


1. Tied to the front of a moving train

Izalla’s eyes flickered open to the sounds of the squealing wheels of the train on the tracks vibrating around her.

And the first thought that echoed around her mind was;

Where was she?

Thumberling to pick up and piece together all her memories and thoughts; she battled with the strain against her eyes as she glanced around her at the sudden darkness that was consuming the night around her.

Then the realisation of her current predicament dawned upon her.

She was now currently tied to the front of a moving train.

A moving train.

Her screams were left unheard as the sound of the train’s wail pierced the air.

The skin on the insides of her delicate wrists bled as her arms and legs flared all around the place trying to desperately get loose from the rough ropes that were digging into her soft wrists and entrapping her onto the front of this moving train.

All she could remember was brief flashes of memory of a pair of dangerous looking brown-amber eyes that seemed to stare into her soul, a gun and a woman… did she try and save her? She couldn’t remember… her memories seemed to be patchy and broken- broken like the stained glass on St Patrick’s church back on her street back in Wolfhamshire.

Broken into millions of tiny shards of glass that glittered in the sunlight; like when she’d thrown that brick at that window in a fit of anger after an argument with her mother about going to see her father.

Yet another argument to add to their big ongoing list of arguments about him- but even so, her own strength had impressed herself... impressed herself as she was surprised at her own sudden strength which normally she seemed to lack because of her small stature and small limbs which meant that normally she could barely hold a couple of those light weight chairs back in her old parish hall; nether mind being able to catapult a big heavy brick at a sturdy old glass window and break it up as she’d done so.

So that was her answer.

She needed a bit of that strength- now.

Tears began pooling down her cheeks as she glared at the blackness around herself.

Why her? Why now? She began thinking to herself.

Who could hate her so much that they’d put her in this kind of position?

The tears that were running down her cheeks silently glistened and fell to the ground and she closed her eyes, her limbs trembling.

And once all the self pity had vanished from her system, the anger began.

The anger that sent adrenaline into her system and made her heart pound heavily in her chest and made her fists clench.

Why her? She was a nobody. A nobody that hadn’t even seen her own dad in over a year.

Who would be insane enough to do this to her? Her of all people?

“Why?” She screamed at the top of her lungs, her limbs strained against the ropes and her heart pounding. “Why?” She gritted her teeth as she pulled even more forcibly against the ropes. “Why?” The sweat that had beaded on her forehead ran down her cheeks and down onto the fast moving ground below on the tracks as the train sped by.

Then the unthinkable happened; reality itself stopped.

Time stopped. Hours became minutes and minutes became seconds and seconds became eternity.

Her ropes snapped against the force of her now toned muscles and she fell forewords onto the track and if it hadn’t been for her new reflexes she’d of found herself under the wheels of the hurtling train.

For her body suddenly knew something the mind did not.

Why and how she was capable of this.

Her body with immense strength pulled itself backward –the muscles in her back contracting and her heart flaling wildly so.

Her arms automatically clung onto whatever grips they could find and before she knew it her legs crouched and propelled her forwards into the bleak darkness of the night that surrounded her.

Only to be met by a pair of brown amber eyes that blinked curiously but furiously at her saying, “…and for a minute there, I thought you weren’t going to pass my little test, my friend.” 

“You’re not my friend.” Izalla spat into the darkness surrounding those haunting eyes.

“Hmmm… I guess so Izalla, I guess so. For we were oh so much more than friends, weren’t we?” It laughed back at her. The laughter filling the shadows that swallowed up the world around.


For we were oh so much more than friends, weren’t we?



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