Going to Hogwarts

This might be a one-shot or if people want, it can be a story but it might not be updated very often as I have a lot of other books I want to write.


1. Blah blah blah

I run through the crowds at Kings Cross, my hand tightly gripping those of my two best friends', Sophie and Melanie. Together, we abandon our families and duck under peoples' arms, focusing on our destination. When we get there, to the pillar between Platforms 9 and 10, we stop and wait. Our families arrive quickly, to our luck, and all together we run at the pillar.

I open my eyes and see the scarlet train that my older brother told me about. Thin, cotton-white steam and smoke spirals and swirls upwards, surrounding the Hogwarts Express. A squeal from my right pulls me from my slight trance at the sight of the train. I look over and spot Melanie trying not to 'fan-girl' over a train. I look back at Sophie and we both share a look of 'Oh god, my best mate's freaking out over a train'. But being the weird girls that we are, we both burst out laughing at Melanie who stops fan-girling and glares at us.
"Awww... Don't be like that." I whine to Melanie. "You know we love you!" I let go of their hands and grab onto Melanie's arm. I hang off her arm, pouting until she begind laughing at me.
I stand up straight, proud. I smile at my friends before turning round to see my older brother, Christopher pushing two trolleys; mine and his own.
"Sam, take your trolley." He tells me. I nod and pull my trolley from his grasp. Melanie gets her trolley from her older sister and Sophie gets hers from her parents. I say my goodbyes to my Mum and Dad as does Christopher. Sophie says goodbye to her parents and little brother while Melanie says goodbye to her parents. Once the goodbyes are said, we grab our trunks and clamber onto the train. 
"Bye-bye, Chrissie!" I say, hugging my brother tightly.
"Yeah, yeah. Whatever. Get off!" Christopher pries me off him and starts to walk down the hallway. "See you at the Welcome Feast." He calls back to me.
"See ya Mel." Melanie's sister says before walking off. 
"And then there were three." I say. We all grab the handles of our trunks and walk, single-file, along the corridor.
We find an empty compartment and file in. We put our trunks on the overhead racks. I sit on one of the side seats by the window and wave goodbye to my parents who wave back before leaving through the pillar, followed by Sophie's parents and brother and Melanie's parents. We sit in our compartment, chatting and sharing sweets we got at our local corner shop.
At 11am sharp, the train leaves, starting slow but speeding up quickly. The last few students look for compartments, many peering into ours. Only one boy stops outside for a minute, staring in at us until he slides the door open and looks at Melanie. 
"I thought that Ginny girl was the last Weasley." He says. Bleached blonde hair slicked back and eyes that stare at us as if saying 'I'm so much better than you.'. I glance at my friends for any sign of knowing what this dude's on about. But their faces only show the same confusion that's on my own face.
"Sorry," I start, "What are you talking about? Who or what's a Weasley?"
"The Weasley's are purebloods who disgrace the name Wizard. They're all red-headed and wearing hand-me-downs." He explains. Melanie has ginger hair but not hand-me-downs. I don't think she'd accept hand-me-downs.
"Well, I'm nae a Weasley, ye eejit." Melanie retorts. Did I mention that we're all Scottish? Well we are. We speak Scottish slang and a wee bit o' doric too. 
The blonde boy's about to speak when a girl cuts him off. "What's up, Draco? You going to move or continue blocking the hall with your big head." She asks him. He turns to look at her and his face contorts with annoyance.
"Don't you dare speak to me like that, you filthy little mud-"
Suddenly two wands appear, pointed at his throat.
"Continue that sentence. I dare you, Malfoy." A boy with dark hair says.
The blonde boy starts to move backwards, along the hall before turning and running off shouting "My father will hear about this!" Whut a' eejit.
"You alright?" The girl asks. She smiles at us. I can tell that she's in the same year as that boy.
"Yeah, we're fine." Sophie replies for us.
"Mind if we sit in here? There's not many compartments with enough space left." She asks. I look to my friends and again Sophie's the one to speak.
"Sure. We're not going to use all the space." She tells the girl who smiles and walks in, followed by two guys; the dark haired boy with glasses and a boy with ginger hair. They all put their trunks on the racks and sit down.
"I'm Hermione, that's Ron," She points to the ginger boy. "And that's Harry." 
"I'm Samantha." I introduce.
"Melanie." She says.
"And I'm Sophie." 
"What year are youse in?" Ron asks.
"This is out first year." I explain. "What about you?"
"We're going into our fourth year." Harry tells us.
"What was Draco talking to you about?" Hermione asks.
"He thought I was something called a Weasley." Melanie tells them. "He said that he thought Ginny was the last. What did he mean?"
"Weasley's my last name." Ron says. "And Ginny's my little sister. My family and Draco's don't really get on. He thinks we're not worthy to be purebloods." 
"So what are you guys? Pureblood, halfblood or muggleborn?"
"Pureblood." We all say in sync.
"What about you?" I ask.
"I'm muggleborn." Hermione says.
"I think I'm pureblood." Harry says.
"Well, my parents were magic but I grew up with my Muggle aunt and uncle." 
"I'd say that your pureblood." Sophie says. I nod my head in agreement.
"Yeah..." Melanie agrees. 
We spend the rest of the train journey talking and getting to know each other. Turns out that Harry is the Harry Potter that my parents used to tell me about. And that Christopher wasn't lying when he said that Harry Potter was at Hogwarts. Harry also buys us some sweets when the trolley comes round.


When we arrive, Harry, Ron and Hermione walk off and join the other 4th years. Sophie, Melanie and myself walk towards a giant guy shouting "First years! First years this way!" We guessed that was a good idea. We're joined by what we guess is the rest of this year's first years.
The giant guy introduces himself as Hagrid before leading us to a lake, darkened by the night sky above. Across the lake, high on a cliff is the castle that would be our home for the next year and for years after that. By the lake shore, bobbing gently are boats, each with a light to guide the way.
"Everyone into a boat." Hagrid calls. Sophie, Melanie and I all run to a boat and climb in. We sit and get comfortable, waiting. Hagrid walks by with the remaining first years who aren't in a boat, allocating them somewhere for the short journey. Into our boat, he puts a small boy with shaggy blonde hair. He looks slightly depressed to be placed with us but we ignore it. 
"Who wants to carry the light?" I ask. No one raises their hand so I say, "Okay, who can carry the light? I'm a weakling, you two know that." My friends nod.
"I'm a weakling too." Sophie says. We both look to Melanie and the boy. 
After a quick trial, we find the that boy's as weak as us so Melanie holds the light up. The boat then starts moving, following the crowd of the other boats.
We arrive after the short trip and enter the castle. We stand about in the entrance hall when a tall woman with dark, greying hair pulled back into a bun enters.
"Good evening first years." She says, gathering all attention. "I am Professor McGonnagall, head of Gryffindor house and deputy head of Hogwarts. Now, in a few moments you will enter the Great Hall and stand at the front. Then when your name is called you will come up, sit down and be sorted into your houses." 
We're then ushered into the Great Hall. As we head down the centre aisle, I look around the tables for Christopher. I spot him near the end of the table with the other senior students. He looks different with his black and red robes on. He never wears them at home. He locks them up in a box under his bed so I can't even see them. He shoots me a reassuring smile as we near the front of the room.
Professor McGonnagall begins reading out names from a long roll of parchment. Melanie's first to go up from the three of us. She sits on the small stool and McGonnagall lowers the hat onto her head. The hat stays quiet for a few moments before  shouting "GRYFFINDOR!" loud enough that I'm sure it's echoing through the stone halls. Melanie smiles and hops up from the stool before running to the Gryffindor table. We all knew she'd go there since her sister's in Gryffindor like we know I'll be Gryffindor since that's where my brother is. Sophie's the only one we're not sure of as she's oldest of her family. McGonnagall calls out more names and then it's Sophie's turn. I cross my fingers that she'll be Gryffindor like me and Melanie. The hat is placed on Sophie's head and pauses for a moment like before.
The hat then shouts "Gryffindor!". Sophie grins widely and runs to where Melanie sits. A few more names and then I hear my own. I'm the second last person to be sorted. I skip up and sit on the stool. I feel the hat being placed on my head and almost immediately the hat speaks.
"Ah, I've been waiting to see you. Your brother is a great wizard. We must expect the same of you." The hat says. My cheeks boil as the hat shrieks "Gryffindor!"
I run to the table as fast as my legs can carry me. I sit opposite Melanie and Sophie and bury my face in my hands.
"I'm gonna kill that hat!" I mutter. My friends laugh as an old voice starts speaking. I turn and see Dumbledore, the headmaster talking. He explains the rules and how classes work before signalling for the feast to start.


At the end of the feast, Dumbledore tells the prefects to lead the first years to their common rooms. Joy for me as Christopher's a prefect. He stands up along with the rest of the Gryffindor house but unlike the rest of them, he waits for them to leave before he moves from behind the bench. He's not the only one still standing. There's also a girl with fair brown hair tied back in a low ponytail that slides down her back. She smiles and talks to Chris as the first years get up from their benches and stand, looking to the prefects to lead them. 
Christopher and the girl have a big conversation. The teachers have left and so have all the other first years and prefects. It's just us. No one goes to break their conversation so I take it upon myself to do it myself. I stride through the crowd and stand behind my brother. I look down and aim my foot right before kicking the back of his ankle.
"Ow!" He yells before whipping round. "Samantha! What the hell was that for?"
"We're bored, tired and in a brand new school where we know nothing and is full of corridors that look the same. You are a prefect, you're meant to lead us to the common room so we can sleep and what are you doing? Chatting up a girl that you have the whole school year with!" I snap at him.
"You didn't have to kick me! Jesus." He mutters the last bit before skulking off. The girl's cheeks are red as motions for us to follow her when she joins Christopher. I smirk and hang back til I'm with my friends.
"Nice one." Sophie whispers to me.
"Cheers, I know though." I reply. "But I have a feeling that he's gonna tell Mum and I'll get an angry letter. I hope she doesn't send a howler. I've heard they're terrible." Melanie and Sophie nod in agreement as we follow the tide of first years.
We walk through the many halls and stand on a staircase. Christopher turns to us and speaks,
"These staircases move and change, so be careful." I raise my hand, a question coming to mind. Christopher sees me and sighs before asking, "What is it now?"

"That's not a nice why of speaking to younger students, is it?" I ask.
"And it's not nice kicking prefects." He retorts.
"But I wasn't kicking you as a prefect, I was kicking you as a brother." I explain, smiling innocently.
"Whatever, what did you want?"
"I was simply curious about if anyone's ever fallen off the end of the staircases?"
"Not that I know of." He replies, just as the staircase stops moving. He walks on and the girl motions to us to follow again. We follow until we coming to a painting of a rather fat woman.
"Password?" She asks.
"Caput Draconis." My brother says. The painting nods and swings open, revealing a hole, big enough for even Christopher to walk through, and he's pretty tall. He and the girl stand at either side of the hole and gesture for us all to go in. I'm last to go in. The room I see is amazing. Red and gold colour scheme. Plush crimson seats. Crimson curtains which look like velvet. A roaring fire, lighting most of the room. All in all, I lose my breath at the sight. 
"Okay," The girl says, speaking to us for the first time. "Dorms are up the stairs. Girls, the door on the right leads to the girls dorms. Boys, the left door. Please try not to wake anyone else up. All your belongings are there, along with your timetable. Now, to bed. Goodnight." With that she walks off, disappearing up the stairs and into a low down door.
"You hear her. Get to bed." Christopher reiterates. I go off to head to the dorm where my brother stops me. "Samantha, stay for a minute." I join my brother by the fire and look at him. "While here, you can't act like we're at home. Don't talk to me unless it's needed. Don't expect me to help you with everything. And don't randomly attack me. Got it?" I nod he pushes me to the stairs. "Bed, now. And don't worry, I won't tell Mum about you kicking me." I nod and jog up the stairs.
I walk into the dorm and see Sophie, Melanie and another first year girl called Emily. They're all in their pyjamas already. They sit in their four-poster beds and are all talking about classes that we have tomorrow. I go to the empty bed and grab my pyjamas from my trunk before climbing onto the bed and drawing the curtains. I then change and full the curtains back. I dump my robes onto the floor by my trunk and snuggle into the covers. I join in the conversation and get to know Emily better.
Sophie's the first one to go to sleep, followed by Melanie and then me. I say goodnight to Emily and fall asleep quickly, happy  to finally be here at Hogwarts. 

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