Starting Over Again -COMPLETED-

One Boy. One Girl. What happens when these two people cross paths again? Follow the adventure of Toby as she starts her journey over again with the BIGGEST Pop band member Louis Tomlinson.


12. Louis



     Two days have passed since we spoke. Two fucking days that she had ignored me; she didn't talk to me once. And its not like I made and effort either; I mean I've been hanging out with Eleanor, snuggling and kissing her to make Toby jealous, but nothing came out of her. No comment, not even a body language. She's been out of the house alot lately and am only worried that she's moved on or something. 'I thought you never broke up?' Yeah we didn't; but she might have took it as that way, seeing how cozy I've been lately with Eleanor.

      We were gathered in the Living room, after coming from the park. Of course she didn't go with us, she had company with her, and I can hear their laugh and giggles up in her room. I wonder who she is with. I mean McKenzie would be there with her, but it sounded like their was more people there. Snapping out of my thoughts, I turned to face my second family, as they all shared stories about tour. I looked to my right, only to find Perrie and Niall starring upstairs. If you was wondering why they weren't talking to her, It's because I made them not too. I mean they were my friends first, and it would totally be unfair if they chose her over me. Niall's gaze landed on me, and he looked at me with pleading eyes, but I shake my head breaking our gaze.

    Five minutes of me fake laughing and trying my hardest to look into the conversation, Toby and her guest finally walked down the stairs. Laughing...And flirting? Anger build inside me, I grasped onto Eleanor's hand tighter making her winced. "Louis your hurting me." She whimpered, and I quickly let it go, giving her a small smile. They finally made it down the stairs, hugging each other before, she followed him out. Why is she doing this to me? Doesn't she know how easily angered I can be? I let out a huff. The front door clicked, indicating that it was closed. She walked back in the living room smiling like she won a million bucks. Am the only one who suppose to make her feel like that. We all starred at her, which cause her to feel uncomfortable. 

  "Why don't you take a picture it will last longer." She amused, rolling her eyes before walking into the kitchen. I sighed, before everyone else continued their conversation. All except Perrie and Niall, who were currently sending daggers my way. I tried my best to ignore them, but it was hard. "There's no fucking food in the house anymore Stacey." Toby barked, barging into the living room, holding a spoon of chocolate filling in her mouth. The rest of the guys looked at her disgusted, except for me, Niall and Perrie; who look like they were about to busted out laughing.

  Stacey sighed releasing herself from his grip, stepping closer to Toby. "Then go buy food." She simply stated before walking around her and disappearing into a room. Toby look like she's about to attack her or something, she walked closer to Niall, bending to be the same height as him.

  "Hold this for me." She says, handing him the spoon, before grabbing her keys and bag and out the door she went. Well that was just awkward right? 

"Ugh! I can't stand her, she is such a bitch...Lou I don't know how you manage to stay friends with her that long..." Liam utters. This was the first time he spoke since this whole situation started. Just when I open my mouth to speak, Perrie speaks up.

"No, don't even talk about her like that. She's amazing, better than you actually. I don't care what you do or say, but am talking to her and that's final." She bellows which surprise not only me, but all of us. "And you..." She points to Liam, who raised his eyebrows in process. "To think you're the nice, sensible one...Its a shame you can't see the good in her, right now am ashamed to even say I know you..." Zayn tried to pull her down to him, to try and calm her down, but she only jerks her arms away. "Don't touch me, and don't even talk to me, until you all actually get to know her." She storms off, Niall following her. Traders! 'But she does have a point.' Not helping conscience. All eyes fell on me, and all I can do was shrugged my shoulders.

                                 * * *

   I walked into the kitchen; feeling the taste of omelet at the tip of my tongue. I smiled walking inside, thinking it was probably Stacey cooking again, but apparently I was wrong. I awkwardly walk to the fridge, taking out a cartoon of Juice. I started to pour it, only to have the cartoon and Cup snatched away from my hands. I looked from my hands to the figure, but they only gave me a blank expression. 

 "What the hell?" She turns the cartoon around, showing me a sticky notes. 'Property of Toby' I started to laugh. She seriously did that, but something tells me she wasn't joking. She gave me a nasty glare, shutting me up. I looked behind her, and all the food she made. "That looks good, so where is our plates?" I clasped my hands together, only to earn a laugh from her.

"You're so funny, you know that right..." She says coldly. "This food..." Gesturing to all the food placed on the counter. "Is mine, little miss perky wanted me to go buy food, and I did but she never told me to buy for you, so sorry." She sang  placing the food on a large tray. Smart girl, but cold. I looked at her in disbelief, watching as she practically groping the omelet. Everyone else slowly walked inside, Niall and Perrie giving her a smile, which she returned. I guess they all made up, which was quick. She wasn't the type to forgive quickly. I watched as she pass a plate to Niall and Perrie, and my jaw dropped. She saw my reaction and a smirked pasted on her lips. I miss kissing them. \

  "So you made food for all you three, but didn't think to include us?" Harry growled, slamming his hands on the counter, making Niall and Perrie jumped, and left Toby emotionless. She had amused look spread at the corner of her lips. "You are such a bitch...I have no idea why Stacey ever put up with your bullishness." Her smile spread wider, as she plays with the food. 

"Look here pretty boy if that's all the insult you got, then you need to get a new joke book...Second of all talk shit all you want but you don't faze me. Thirdly I have no idea who Stacey is anymore, cause clearly I was never her friend, just a side thrash..." Now she faced Stacey who looked taken back by her words. "Isn't that right? I mean you have no time for me anymore, you chose them over me, and you've known me all your life...But its okay, I hope your fucking happy, you little bastards..." She growled, dumping the food in the trash. A gasped escaped me and Niall's mouth. You just wasted good food, no one does that. The fuck? She turns around once more, when she was about to walk out, a light chuckled escape her lips. "You know what will make your life better, If I just go and pack my shit, and leave this house...It would make you feel better right Stacey?" She didn't even waited for her to answer as she ran upstairs, she looked like she was about to cry, which only breaks my heart. I caused this,and because of me shes leaving. 

  Perrie suddenly stood up firmly from her seat, making all eyes land on her. She was fuming, her veins were popping out. "Babe where are you going?" Zayn called, trying to get attention of his girlfriend, who only jerked her arms away firmly. 

"None of you god dam business...If you don't mind am going to go with my best-friend, since someone isn't going to comfort her, don't call me or anything until your ready to apologize...Good-day." Zayn eyes widen as, she drags Niall along with her. Too much drama and its hurting my head really bad. Zayn suddenly slam his hands hard on the wall, blood spilling out. Liam and Harry quickly helped him, but he kept pushing them away.

"This is all four of your faults...God dam, now she's mad, she's going to leave me..." He trailed off, tears spilling from his eyes. I can't believe I made one of my best mates cry. 'Haven't you've done enough Louis' I stood there, trying to process everything that's going on, but its all coming like the Niell river.

"Well that was fun." Eleanor added sarcastically.

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