Doctor Who Episode 1.

I wrote this when I was like 10 or 11, so yeah. Also, it was wrote before I knew what was going to happen to the Ponds (sniff), but I hope you like it anyway.


1. This is the Whole Story...

Doctor Who series 7 episode 1

Along came a spider

Rory and Amy are holding Melody in their arms, cooing at her and making her laugh. The Doctor is jealous, but carries on pressing random buttons and twisting knobs. Amy sees the Doctor’s face and gives Rory Melody, and goes over to comfort him. Melody starts crying, because she was left with Rory, and the Doctor panics.

DOCTOR: What is that dreadful noise?

AMY: It’s Melody; she’s crying.

DOCTOR: Oh my god we have to get her some medical attention!!

RORY: No Doctor. She needs her mother.

Melody is put in the Doctors crib. The Tardis comes to a halt. Melody’s screaming came to a stop and Amy and Rory fell to the floor. The Doctor then slouched on a chair.

RORY: Right I’m going to our room because I’d rather die in my bed than in the control room.

DOCTOR: That wouldn’t be such a good idea, Rory, because I heard noises from that area.

Amy looks at the scanner and her eyes widen. Rory and the Doctor rush over and see the horror...


DOCTOR: Giant Flies????

Flies with hair and clothes walked about the streets, just like normal humans. The whole crew stare gaping at the scanner. The Doctor ran over to open the door.

AMY: No!! I don’t want to meet a load of flies. Eww!

DOCTOR: Come on Amy, it’ll be fun!

RORY: I agree with Amy on this one; they could be evil!!

The Doctor goes out the door ,Rory and Amy reluctantly follows him outside. The streets are wide with lots of shops both sides. Most of them were either red or black. It was more dingy than exciting. Above the Doctor realises that there is a huge spider’s web. Amy sees all the flies in line each carrying a little package.

DOCTOR: Something here is wrong- very wrong.

RORY: Is that your catchphrase now?

A gang of what seemed to be rebellious flies crept up behind The Doctor and grabbed him.

AMY: Stop being stupid Rory! What do you think Doctor? Doctor? Doctor!

RORY: Where did he go?

Rory and Amy searched the streets and the houses, checked the dustbins and went to the edge of the world.

AMY: Whoa! What is that?

RORY: I think it’s a spider.

AMY: No its not... oh my god it is!

A gigantic spider glares back at them and slowly moves towards them...

DOCTOR: Where am I?

FLY 1: You’re in our secret base.

There were a few chairs put around a coffee table with maps and plans on it. The whole place was painted blue with lots of posters with an arachnid on with an ‘X’ over it.

DOCTOR: What are your names?

Fly 1 :( pointing to all of the flies) I’m Bob, he’s Charlie, he’s Harry and the other one is Amy.

DOCTOR: That’s my friend’s name! I need to ask you another question... well, maybe two... 1, who is that spider and 2, why have you brought me here??

They all went to sit down at the table and slouched on chairs. The Doctor was puzzled by the flies and the spider.

HARRY: The spider is called Fear. He’s called that because if you look into his eyes its strikes fear into your heart and you die.

BOB: We bought you here because we thought you could stop Fear controlling us like slaves.

DOCTOR: I’ll stop him, if you help me find my friends Rory and Amy.


DOCTOR: Not you!

The scene changes...


The spider rapidly crawled towards them, getting faster and faster with each step. Flies quickly moved out of the way of Fear, some flies got squashed. Amy and Rory ran as fast as their legs could carry them. Amy ran past the Tardis and suddenly remembered Melody was in there.

AMY: Melody! She’s still in the Tardis!

RORY: Amy run back to the Tardis and stay with her. I’ll distract the spider.

AMY: You’ll get yourself killed.

RORY: Thanks. Nice thought.

Amy turns around and races back to the Tardis. The spider sees her but ignores her. She opens the Tardis door and spots the crib in the corner, and rushes over to her. Melody’s little hands reach out to hug her mum. Amy picks her up and squeezes her tight. Picking up the crib, she walked into her room, and put Melody next to her and Rory’s bed.


RORY: Why didn’t I go back with Amy?

The Doctor saw Rory running away from the spider and quickly grabbed him. Rory flipped over in the air and landed on his back.

RORY: Err ow? (Rubbing back)

DOCTOR: Sorry about that. Where’s your wife?

RORY: She’s in the tardis with Melody. Why?

CHARLIE: Who’s Melody?

RORY: My daughter.

DOCTOR: I think we should get back to her. Now.

CHARLIE: Do you always wear a bowtie Doctor?

DOCTOR :( Adjusting bowtie) Bowties are cool. And why do you ask a lot of questions?

HARRY: Because he’s an idiot. Really, Trust me, he is.

The Doctor opened the door and scanned the area. He could see that Fear had been long gone and stepped outside. The whole street had been destroyed. Crumbling buildings surrounded them. There were cracks in the road and a stream of blood from squashed flies trailing down the round.

AMY: Aw you’re so cute (Talking to Melody)

(Bursting in the room) RORY: Amy! You’re ok. Thank god.

AMY: What are they? (Pointing to the flies)

DOCTOR: These are my friends. Amy and Rory, because he hasn’t been introduced to them yet, (pointing at flies) this is Bob, Charlie, Harry and Amy.

AMY: Same name as me?

AMY FLY: Yeah. (Nod)

DOCTOR: Ok. Now we’ve all made friends, tell me what Fears strengths and weaknesses are. Flies? (Puzzled look on face)

BOB: Well, he squirts out gel from his spikes, which incinerates any part of the body it touches. And his fangs drip poison which kills you instantly if it drops on you.

DOCTOR: So...?

HARRY: He’s basically indestructible.

RORY: Any weapons that could kill it?

CHARLIE: I think if you blow him up with a grenade bomb you instantly kill it... I think. (Smiling)

RORY: Or something less inhumane?

The Doctor, now bored of the chit chat, slips out, goes back to the control room and decides to fly on the spider, to try to reason with it and stop the slavery!  Pushing the whoopee doo button and pulling the Carrot lever should take them straight to the spider.

AMY: We’re moving, I can feel it. Doctor, what are you doing down there?

All of them came back to the control room. Rory checked the scanner, folded his arms and said:

RORY: Why are we on top of a spider, Doctor?

DOCTOR :( Grinning broadly) we are! Isn’t it great?

BOB: Not really Doctor. Have you heard of the Racnoss?

DOCTOR: They’re my homies. (Smile beginning to fade)

BOB: Ok. Well, this one carries her children on her back. Guess where we are... (Roll eyes)

AMY: Oh great. Well done Doctor.

HARRY: That’s not all they devour everything in their path, including our first leader, Barry.

CHARLIE: A moments silence for our great leader-

HARRY: Shut up.

There were spiders crawling up the Tardis, around it, everywhere. They couldn’t go back to the street below because there were too many spiders on there. The Doctor worried that the Tardis’ defences would come down and the spiders would get in.

RORY: Now can I go to bed to die?

AMY: I’ll follow you. (Raises eyebrows)

CHARLIE: I’ll come with you too!

RORY: You really are that stupid.

Rory and Amy make their way upstairs. The Doctor scratches his head and wonders what to do about the spiders.


Amy seems to have hastily put a dressing gown on.

AMY: Eucalyptus! Why?

DOCTOR: It repels spiders! Can we borrow your perfume?

AMY: Sigh... Fine.

RORY :( calling from upstairs) what do you want from her?

Amy runs back upstairs and grabs her eucalyptus perfume bottle.

DOCTOR: Everyone spray this on you, all over the body!

Everybody takes turns spraying it on, Amy first, then Rory, Bob, Charlie, Harry, Amy the fly and the Doctor.

DOCTOR: Are we ready to face those beasts?

RORY: Not really...

DOCTOR: Oh well. Here we go!

They all sprinted out, just hoping the Doctors plan would work, and that they all wouldn’t be eaten alive.  Then the spiders backed away from them. The Doctor pretended to jump at them to scare them. One of them fell onto its back.

DOCTOR: Told ya it would work. (looking smug)

AMY: Shut up.

RORY: (shrugs) At least they’re not eating us.

HARRY: The baby spiders aren’t eating us... so now what?

DOCTOR: We may have to tamper with the spiders mind.

CHARLIE: Do you mean go in its mouth and climb up to its brain?

DOCTOR: Not exactly, rookie.

BOB: I still can’t figure out how he joined the team.

AMY: Let’s just go and talk to the spider, whatever its name is.

AMY FLY: Fear is his name.

DOCTOR: Pond and Williams, you’re with me. The rest, spilt up.

The flies go to the left side of the arachnid and The Doctor, Amy and Rory go to the right. Amy looked down and saw four long, spindly legs sticking out.

AMY: Why do you need us?

DOCTOR: To keep an eye on that husband of yours, Rory, because he is usually getting injured.

RORY: I heard that.

DOCTOR: Wait there! Nobody move.

A rumbling sound filled the air as the spider woke up and began to move back to its web. Rory fell off Fear, in shock, but managed to hold onto one of its legs.

DOCTOR: God, I knew he would do that, even if the spider wasn’t moving!

AMY: Rory! Don’t worry I’m coming for you.

RORY: If I die here, then Amelia Pond I love you!!

Amy jumped off the side of her own free will and held on to the spiders 3rd leg, whilst Rory held on tightly to the 4th.

AMY: Doctor, jump!

DOCTOR: I can’t, I’m afraid of heights.( mumbling)

RORY: (laughing) you’re what?


AMY: I’ve got to be honest Doctor that is pretty silly.  After all you’ve been through...

RORY: I think you should jump Doctor...


RORY: Because the spider just turned its head and saw you. Might be an idea to jump now...

AMY: JUMP!! (Shouting)

FEAR: Gotcha cornered now, haven’t I Doctor?

DOCTOR: Not yet!

 The Doctor, although terrified, lunged off the back of the spider and, landed on his stomach, on the 2nd leg. Fear was clever so his stopped running wild and shook the right side of his leg to shake them off and then squish them. Alas, the Doctor was cleverer and let the spider shake them off so hopefully, the spider would eventually fall on its back. Slowly, but surely, Fear shook higher and higher, but the Doctor, Amy and Rory still clung on. At last the great arachnid fell over, but could not get back up again. They climbed off of the beast and the Doctor soniced Fears mind, so he couldn’t remember who he was or what he had done.

RORY: I think I’m going to be sick (throws up in bin)

DOCTOR: It weren’t that bad-only 5 hours!

AMY: Shut up Doctor.

DOCTOR: Somebody’s hormonal today.

RORY: I think we should definitely go now before I throw up again.

Doctor: Ok but don’t throw up into the toilet-it’ll spray it back in your face. 

The three saunter back to the Tardis when The Doctor suddenly remembered the gang of flies on Fears back. He turned to look back and saw a tinier stream of blood have joined the mini river.

AMY: Back to ye old box.

RORY: More like back to my bed.

DOCTOR: What’s with you?

RORY: Ill after 5 hours of being shaken and rocked about.

AMY: Ok.

Rory throws up over himself and the Doctor. Puke is sprayed everywhere.

RORY: Do you have a wardrobe?

DOCTOR: Yes I do. Second on the left, Rory.

When they arrived there Rory and the Doctor raced up to the wardrobe. Amy overheard them saying that they would dress each other up. The Doctor went first. Rory came down in a light blue shirt with dark blue bowtie, brown trousers and a brown jacket.

DOCTOR: What do you think? (Grinning)

Amy started giggling. Rory looked disappointed and the two ran back to the wardrobe, so Rory could dress up the Doctor. Then the Doctor came down in a red and white checker shirt with jeans and white trainers.

AMY: Doctor, you look really cool!

RORY: How comes he looks cool and I don’t?

AMY: I guess you have different tastes.

Something dark lurked in the corner of the Tardis. A pair of beady eyes watching always watching had watched since the arrival of the baby...

















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