The Stranger from October

jasmine peters is a 17 year old teenager that is suffering severe bullying.she is a shy,emo girl that has a past. she is at her breaking point until she is saved by a stranger during october. he is a mysterious boy with a shy side to him,ZAYN MALIK. he says that they will meet again and leaves. when they do meet again, she is beaten half to death. he carrys her home and nurses her back to health.she learns that the boys that live they're are the famous band one direction. they begin to fall in love, what will she do? she is scared that her violent past will catch up to her dragging zayn and the boys down along with her. will she take the risk, or let her heart take control?


1. the stranger from october


                   "Get out of here!" yelled lindsay. "yeah, you don't belong here you stupid freak!" piped in the other bunch of teenagers laughing at my shame as i lay sprawled on the floor trying to crawl away. she didn't let me go far. CRAACCKK!!! the sound rang through the ally as she kicked me in the chest. "omg, did you here that?" said one of the teenagers. i hunched over in pain as i heard the sound. i began to cough and my throat started to burn, i also couldn't catch my breath. "dear god, she's coughing out blood!", one of the teens said. i looked down unto my hands and saw the droplets of blood. "lets get her to the hospi-" lara, one of lindsays friends began,"no, leave her here to rot" lindsay said.

            When she said this, my heat dropped. when lindsay says something, every one listens. as i saw them leaving, i heard foot-steps coming towards me. i tried to back up, but couldn't. i winced at the pain when i tried a second time and began to cough again. jeez, my throat burned so much, i thought. " you deserved it you freak show on legs" lindsay said as she leaned down towards me. i saw a view of her face that showed scratches from the fight that took place moments ago.she grabbed me by one of the piercings at the bottom of my lip and yanked it out. as i winced at the pain when she pulled it out, she smirked, and then spat on me, then walked away.

             A few moments later, i looked up to see that she was gone. i tried crawling away once again and groaned at the pain. i think i stayed there for at least an hour, maybe less, coughing out blood. after a few seconds, i heard footsteps coming towards me. and my eyes shot up. i could see that it was a male that was coming towards me. i wished at that moment that i could move but i couldn't.

          "Oh my god, are you okay, i'll get you help".i recognized his voice, and i heard him mumble a profanity and he also mumbled 'again?', i think. he began to look in his pocket in search of what i am guessing is a phone. my thoughts were proved right when he pulled one out. "shoot, my battery is dead". he bent down and picked me up in the bridal position. i winced at the pain, but let him anyway. as i looked up into his eyes, i recognized him. the stranger from october.

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