More Than Friends

This story is in your point of view. (Justin Bieber isn't famous). Justin has been your best friend since you were 4 years old. You would always hang out with him, Ryan, and Chaz. When you and Justin were younger, you made an oath that stated: "Best friends forever, no love." (You were about 6 when you made it)Justin has fallen in love with you; you have fallen in love with Justin. But you both remember the oath. You talked about it about every month, but this year it's different...


9. Your Thoughts?

(Justin's P.O.V.)

I'm going skateboarding with Chaz, Ryan, and Ryan's girlfriend of the month. (I can't remember any of their names)

I went to Chaz's house and picked him up. Ryan and what's her name are meeting us there. None of my friends know about my date with (Y/N). I still can't believe it's actually happening. In my head we were already together but now it's happening in real life. Well, I don't know that yet.

"Justin? Justin? Did you hear me?" I heard Chaz say.

"What? Sorry, I didn't hear you," when I think about (Y/N) everything else disappears.

"I asked you what happened last night. You texted me and said something amazing happened."

I did? Crap. "Um, I don't know what you're talking about," can I sound any more nervous?

"Justin, I'm not stupid. You also left me at least 20 voice mails."

"Oh, well..." I can't tell him. Yeah he's one of my friends but seriously, he will probably get mad.

Chaz has like (Y/N) for years! Yes, years. He has liked her since 6th grade. We graduated high school last year. He "loves" her. But, I have known her the longest. And she does know Chaz likes her, so it doesn't really matter. She doesn't like him back but he doesn't know that. I'm just gonna come clean and tell him.

"Ok, Chaz you can't get mad at me," we were at a stop light, it turned green, and I went.

"Justin, just tell me," he pleaded.

"(Y/N) and I are going on a date this weekend."

His face turned red, his eyes looked like they were gonna pop out of his head. 3, 2, 1, "HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO ME JUSTIN? YOU KNOW I LIKE HER? WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU GO ON A DATE WITH THE GIRL I LIKED? THAT IS FUCKED UP MAN! WHY? WHEN? WHERE?"

"Chaz, I've liked her for a year and a half, I've known her longer. I treat her like a queen and you can barely say a word to her. This weekend on Saturday and I don't know where."

He didn't say anything in response, not until we got to the skate park. Chaz got out and I stayed in the car. I know Chaz is going to tell Ryan and Ryan will get pissed because he kind of likes her too. Longer than I have. 2 years.

"You coming?" Chaz asked before he closed his door.

I shook my head, and I sat there. Until Chaz started talking to Ryan. I could tell that Chaz was telling Ryan about my date with (Y/N) because of Ryan's facial expressions.

Ryan looked over at me with pure anger. I waved and drove my ass out of there before it turned into something ugly.

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