How to Shed Your Shell

Carter has struggled with her out of the ordinary life for years. She has secrets even her brother doesn't know and quite frankly isn't sure if she'll ever get the courage to tell anyone. She's always played it all safe because thats just what you do if your smart. But what is she supposed to do when somebody teaches her that life is more than watching from the sidelines? What is she supposed to do when somebody teaches her how to shed her shell?


1. Prologue

There's this book. A book about a boy and a girl, a cliche as it sounds. I can't help but envy her, the girl I mean. Because I can't help but yearn for that availability to a cliche romance. But I'm stuck. Stuk inside of a cold unlovable thing that doesn't allow cliches. Because I'm a person who was shown that love was non-existant. A person who was shown that the only people you could love was your family. But I wish I could have something real like that girl in the book. An unexplainable, irrational relationship. A naive, thoughtless and reckless love story. Because then, I might not have to pretend. I might not have to pretend that I cared for nothing and no one. Pretend that I'm a heartless thing of stone. But I do. I have to pretend. And it's killing me.
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