the movellas competion

Blurb: A competion so people on movellas are more known. There will be one winner but any of the contestants get a shout out. Read to find out how to enter or become a mentor.


1. what is it

So this is a competion that is like Britons got talent. This is a competion just to get authors better known. I’ll tell you information how to apply for a mentor or contestant.

Contestants: You need to write a chapter for a book of any genre and give me a link on this book or my blog. I will take all entries in to consideration and in the next month I will say the 20 contestants who are in to the next round.

Mentors: I will choose 5 mentors who just have to comment here and I will look at your books and see if you would be a good mentor. In the next month the 5 mentors will be named and before people choose to be a mentor I will tell you what they do. They choose the genre for each week. They will choose 4 of the 20 authors or the author chooses a mentor.

The stories: The 20 contestants every two weeks write a story. It has to be more than 200 words and can be any maximum. The mentors have to say who is leaving every two weeks.

The final: The final is when there is only two authors left who have to write a long story and the mentors choose the winner. So please enter now.

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