What happened?

Mary and Charlie's daughter has grown up but when she's moving out she finds her mum's old diary. But when she reads it she's shocked but what is she going to do.

The sequel to Forever alone as requested by LuckyKat1


1. Moving out

"Come on mum, it's fine" I turn around flipping my long blonde ponytail behind me slightly wincing as the corner of the box i was carrying hit me in the chest. My mum smiles and folds her arms over her chest leaning back on my dad who puts his arms around her. I put the box into the van and write on the side Katie's fabrics etc. I look back at my parents before running over to  them and throwing my arms around them. I stand back up before tugging at my trackies, dusting off the the dirt that had transferred from the box. I ran back into the house up to my room and throw the last few books into a box. I look at the final book in my hand The diary of Mary Sadler, 1990-1992 I rack my brains, Sadler, Sadler then it hits me, my mum's maiden name was Sadler I looked at the date and saw that it was logged the year of my parents engagement. I opened the book to the first page and saw  two words: It's back. I slam the book shut and throw it into my box. I pick it up balancing another small box filled with  scarves on top of it. I walked down the stairs and put the boxes into the van closing the door as I turned to say goodbye to my parents. I hug them and then go to hop into the van. "Have fun sweety!" my mum yells from behind me as I drive off. I wave behind me and lean into the seat behind me. Off to uni at last, and there's nothing to hold me back.




****AUTHORS NOTE: this was requested by LuckyKat1 who's- as the person who pushed me to write it- surname has become the maiden name of Mary. Thanks for suggesting it Kirsty, I have really enjoyed doing it. If anyone else would like a sequel to a book I've written or a book you'd like me to write, I'm open for suggestions!*******

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