See through

As promised heres the first of one of my poems! Tell me wehat you think, all feedback is appreciated! My themes are often quite strong messages but not all.


1. See Through

She has long saffron curls that sway and flow,

And the most dazzling smile I've seen.

She has plump red lips, flawless skin,

And eyes of pure emerald green.

She has a slim body all the girls envy,

And enough designer tops for everyday.

She has handwriting so slanted, so admired,

You read the letters not the words in a way.

She flutters her lashes at boys,

And sometimes will give a quick kiss.

She has all the teachers adorning her,

When her grades are a windstorm of bliss

Its such a sweet, bitter sweet shame,

She isn't really like this...


Becuase her yellow dyed, heat burnt out curls,

And the smile that quickly fades,

Nervous bit lip, foundation caked skin,

And eyes from which all the tears cascade.

The plate turned away every mealtime

Weakness for the girls jealousy.

Tops all long sleeved through the hot summer days,

So the cuts and the scars they don't see.

No one notices the anxious jolt in her hands,

They have the pieces but dont make the Jigsaw.

She kisses the boys just the same,

As Daddy has kissed her before.

She sweats at her grades so she can just make it,

And succeed for herself once, you see?

But you don't because its hard to see through fog,

When things just arent as they seem.

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