A young girl wakes up one morning in a place she has no recollection of. She has to get out and fast. But how?


1. Millie

Millie was a girl with ambition, with a dream, a desire. Everything she wanted she felt she could get, wishes and goals she strode to achieve.

Despite having an open mind and endless thoughts, Millie was small and dainty. She had long red hair and mysterious brown eyes. She was an adventurous child, full of imagination and stories. She would play around in her back garden, pretending to be a pirate or a princess. She would make her younger brother a hansom prince or someone wishing to be rescued.

Millie always climbed trees and never cared about her looks. She regularly got scratched and hurt but Millie didn't cry nor care, instead, she always stood up and proceeded with whatever she was doing. She was tough yet  kind and caring, she was thoughtful but at the same time, she was strong and boisterous.

When Millie was at school, she would go off on her own; climbing trees and picking flowers. Other pupils would think she was strange but Millie didn't care, she was like this whether they liked it or not, she wouldn't change.

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