Summer in London !!

When jade gets posted to London because of her dads new jobs what will happen when she meets a very special boy that might change her life forever but what if it just Leeds to heartbreaks ! Read to find out more ....


1. Chapter 1

Today was my last day at school because I move house tomorrow from Miami to London witch isn't great coz I have plenty of friends here who I care about but we did promise to Skype each other about three times every week witch is good.

I'm really gonna miss then we have to at 5 in the morning witch I hate so that means I'm of to bed now Urgh I hate it I'm not exited to move I'm just acting like I am so I don't annoy my parents I am an only child aswell but I'm desperate for a baby brother !! 

*next day *

mo woke up at about 4 so I have plenty of time to shower and eat and that stuff I had about a half an hour shower witch I do regret getting out now :( but life goes on the taxi is hear to come and collect us. Now. So it's gonna be a long drive even with my parents and bye the way my name is jade king I have blue eyes brown hair and sorry i forgot to do in at the beginning :) !

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