Tirips Boarding School - The Deadly Betrayal

Tirips Boarding School looked pretty normal from the outside...
Tia Samuels is invited to go to Tirips Boarding School for free. At first, she feels like any ordinary girl. But when one of her friends appears to have committed suicide, she learns that there is more to her friends than meets the eye...
But time is running out, and the killer is going to strike again. Can she uncover the killers true identity? Will she discover her own secrets? Or is it too late to save anyone?


1. Arrival

Tirips Boarding School looked pretty normal from the outside.

My name is Tia Samuels and it’s my first day at boarding school. I received a letter, especially for me, saying that I could go there for free. Mum wouldn’t pass up on such an opportunity. So here I was, trunk in hand, waving as she drove off.

I turned to face the art deco style building. It seemed nice. I could grow to like it here, I’m sure.

A tall, skinny man strode out to great me.

“Hello, you must be Tia,” He said, shaking my hand, “I am Mr White, the headmaster. Please, follow me.

I dragged my bag along the pristine, white corridors until I reached his office. It was a fairly average sized room, with a desk, computer, some chairs and photo’s pinned up on the wall.

“Please, sit down,” He said, motioning to one of the simple wooden chairs, “I’ll just find your guide.”

And with that, he was off. He was only gone a minute, but he came back with a girl.

She looked about my age, with brown eyes and long hot pink curls. She wore a black, short sleeved top, a short, purple tartan pleat skirt, long black and white striped socks and some black converse.

“Hey,” She said, her voice was a little higher than mine, “I’m Kelsey.”

“Kelsey will show you to your dorm room.”

She held the door open and I pulled my bag along behind me as she lead the way down more white corridors and up a flight of black, modern stairs until we stopped outside a black door with a peephole, letterbox and the number 53 nailed to it.

“This is our dorm,” She said as she unlocked the door and gently pushed me in.

It was really cool. It had a triple decker bunk bed on the right wall next to a big book case. The back wall had a massive window above an L-shaped sofa and the left wall had a door into the bathroom, along with three identical black wardrobes and a desk with a computer.

“It’s really cool,” I said, “Who’s the other person we share with?”

“Oh, that would be Izzy.” She said, leaping onto the top bunk, “Bottom’s yours” she said before I had even opened my mouth to speak.

I placed my bag on my bed and was about to ask her if she was here for free to when she said

“We’re both here for free too. It’s because we have better skills than the others.”

Before I could say anything else she was already dragging me out the door.

“Come on, I’ll introduce you to the others.”

We were onto the green lawns in no time. Kelsey was walking around the group, placing her hand on the tops of their heads as she introduced them to me.

“This is Izzy,”

Izzy had long brown hair and wore a green t-shirt and skinny jeans with black ballet pumps.

“This is Sophie,”

Sophie had black hair in a long black ponytail and wore a short red day dress with matching kitten heels.

“This guy over here is Ben,”

Ben had black hair, a blue t-shirt that matched the colour of his eyes and ripped jeans.

“Over here is Josh,”

She ruffled the boy’s blonde hair. He wore a black skull t-shirt and black skinny jeans.

“And this little midge is Owen.”

Owen was about 10 centimetres shorter than Kelsey and had brown hair. He wore a green t-shirt, jeans and red converse. He made it look better than anyone else could have.

Izzy came over and whispered in my ear.

“Just so you know, Kels totally fancies Owen.”

“Who’s Kels?” I whispered back.

“Kelsey of course!”


I collapsed on the bottom bunk. My bag was all unpacked and I was just tying my straight brown hair up when I heard a knock on the window. The others didn’t seem to have noticed it so I tentatively peered around the curtain. No one was there.

Figuring I was just tired and imagining things, I got into bed and slept.

I had survived my first day at Tirips Boarding School.

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