Leaving Everything Behind

'The day had finally come, after all the years of struggling i was finally leaving everything behind'


1. Free at Last

It was finally the day, after everything i had been through over the past four years i was actually getting somewhere. As i woke up not being able to contain the excitement, i remembered all the years of hell i went through to get to this day. I was moving to London, my dream town. Where i would leave everything behind and start a whole new life. I had finally finished school and worked to save enough to live in the city. I had never liked school but a couple of years into high school it got really bad. Waking up in the morning had always been hard but it was getting mentally and physically hard. The thought of it made me feel sick, the horrible people there, that would judge you because they were always so much better than everyone else. They were all the same in their little groups gossiping, discussing who it was they hated that week. It was quite sad actually. They went out partying on weekends, getting drunk and doing other stupid things while i took the time on the weekend working at night and catching up on sleep, then dreading going back on Sunday night. School made things hard, i mean how could i be happy when i hated the whole idea of school and i don't mean the learning part. I didn't mind learning, if i was home schooled or had a tutor then it would just fine but the fact that there was other people i had to see and talk to and act like everything was fine made it difficult. It didn't help that most of the teachers didn't exactly care about the students, they favored all the popular kids which wasn't me. Being given homework was i think one of the stupidest things, being at school five days a week for most of the day doing work and suffering and they want you to go home and do more? oh and don't forget about the fact that we should be getting at least half an hour to an hour of exercise daily, eating healthy, relaxing, getting enough sleep and not stressing. How can they expect that if they also give out homework and do they not think that we don't get homework from other teachers. Therefore i struggled to get the motivation to complete the work and if i decided to do it, i would get angry at myself and think i simply couldn't, so i didn't do it. So many things started going down hill and i couldn't do anything about it, there was so many feelings i felt but couldn't explain them. I was always tired but not necessarily a tired that sleep could fix, it was always there. It was so hard to concentrate in class, i would always end up in my own world thinking, distracting myself from reality and thinking how happy i would be when i got out of this place and left my whole life behind. As the years went by every day was the same routine, although as everyday passed it meant the sooner i could escape. It was the only thing that kept me going and fighting till the end. There was a whole different world out there just waiting for me and i knew it. 

As i sighed of relief from my flashback i was just glad it was finally over, i could now start my new life. I had a shower got changed said my goodbyes and left the town which i had been stranded in for my whole life. When i arrived at the airport and boarded my plane, i felt at ease because i knew that from then on there was nothing stopping me from my dream which i was now living. In the end it was worth the battle as i was happy and free at last. 

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