This is me

its about a girl who was scared until she met one particular guy and he changed her life forever


1. her

im hurt, im unloved, and not wanted. the school hates me people tease me they hate the way i dress they hate the way i walk the way i talk they hate me. i was interupted by my mum yelling from down stairs "ali baby get up or you will miss the bus" "mum i know how to get ready i am not 2 years old anymore" "i know just hurry up" i got up off the end of my bed and went to my wardrobe i pulled out a flannelet shirt a pair of faded blue jeans with my silver dragon buckle attatched to my black leather belt. i straightened my hair and then i put my black boots on had on last look in the mirror before flying downstairs. i ran out the door with a quick goodbye to mum. i was at the bus stop and on the bus, i chose a seat next to alick, Alick is one of my newly found friends one of the few who dont hate me. Before i knew it we were at school and i was at my locker.

           Alicks pov.

i was on the bus and we got to her bus stop, everyone hates her but i dont i love her. i was waiting for her to say hello or something but she didnt something was wrong and i didnt know what

                   Ali's POV

he didnt say a word to me did he hate me? was he just like everyone else? my thought were interupted with hands around my waist with "hey beautiful" whispered in my ear. it was tyson, my tyson. i replied with "hey baby" and a kiss on the cheek. i hadnt noticed the first bell had gone and then tyson said "what are you doing your going to be late go baby i love you" " i love you 2" and i ran to the other side of the school, i was slowing down to walk calmly into class when i saw her........


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