It's Beautiful Over There

Lyla-mae is just coming into the London music scene after becoming best friends with Rita Ora and Cara Delevingne, but will a boyband superstar ruin her hopes of a drama-free career?


6. chapter 6

“Thanks guys!” I removed the headphones and left the booth, hugging all my producers on my way out, I dug through my bag for my phone and text Lou

Coffee orders? Xxx
I walked into the elevator and slowly descended my phone buzzed

Right, skinny latte for me, 2 hot chocolates, 2 mocha frappe’s and a mango smoothie, shall I come down and help?xxx

Yes please! Xxx
Not long after my text, Lou appeared through the elevator doors, luckily the paps were gone so we could walk in peace.
“Lyla why didn’t you tell me you knew Harry?” I felt my cheeks heat up
“Well, I hardly know him, he came with Nick to see me perform and we just got pissed together” I giggled quietly, a smile grew on her face and she shook her head
“Well, he isn’t shutting up about you, think you better come see him before he explodes” shit, I hadn’t told her I’ve finished
“I’m finished already” I smiled at her and screamed a little. We finally got to Starbucks and placed our order, we walked back to the studio and got in the elevator, the bell sounded and the doors opened, I followed Lou into the room and set down the coffee, I sat on the sofa and looked into the booth, watching Harry and his friends sing and joke around, they were oblivious to my presence. Until they finished recording.
“Hi Lo- OH MY GOD IT’S YOU” the boy, I knew was Niall came running up to us, I winked and hugged him, I was later introduced to Liam, Zayn and Louis.
“Yeah babe Harry’s just got some extra bits to do, he’ll be out in like 5 minutes” Louis assured me, I nodded and carried on sipping my caramel Frappe.
Hi gu-“ Harry’s jaw dropped when he saw me “Oh, hi Lyla!” he smirked and I got up and planted a small kiss on his cheek I sat back down beside him.
“Lyla, are you free tonight? See, we’re going clubbing and were wondering if you wanted to join us?” Niall looked at me expectedly, I instantly thought of Riley, if he came back and I wasn’t there, he would be so mad, Lou butted in “of course she doesn’t have plans, she’s staying at mine for a few days” she nudged me and I nodded. “You look perfect!” Lou finally finished perfecting my look for the night ( she had gone to my house and packed most of my clothes, bringing them to her family home. I ruffled my hair and our taxi arrived to go to the boys’ apartment.
We soon pulled up and slowly got out, making sure not to trip in my skyscraper heels, I ran the doorbell and waited. Niall opened the door and his eyebrows raised, his mouth opened slightly
“H-Hi Lyla, you look beautiful, shit, like seriously” he shook his head in disbelief. We gathered the rest of them (getting the same reaction off each boy)and got into the black van to go to the club.
“Right Ly wanna help get me drinks” Niall grabbed my hand, and lead me to the bar, we ordered shots and stood by the bar “So, you and Harry then” his face looked disappointed which confused me
“What about us?” I cocked my head to one side and raised an eyebrow, he took a deep breath and sighed
“I thought you two were an item? He’s pretty much said you’re off limits to me, seen as I’m the only single one left” he looked down at his hands which were entwined with themselves, I felt the anger burn in my cheeks, how dare anyone ‘claim’ me
“right Niall, I don’t know what you’ve heard, but it’s not true. I’m not Harry’s, and I’m not planning to any time soon, I’ve met him twice, so don’t let him tell you who you can and cant talk to” I took my shot, the alcohol sending me dizzy, and instructed the waiter to deliver the shots to our table, I grabbed Nialls hand and took him to the dancefloor. I turned to Niall and shouted in his ear
“Harry’s property my arse!”

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