Anything To Keep You Safe - One Direction Fan Fiction

Jamie and Samantha are two best friends who spend their summer vacation in Venice, Italy. It just so happens that One Direction is staying at the same hotel as the girls. But the thing is, they both hate One Direction with a passion. What will happen when they meet? Will the boys be able to change their minds?


1. Summer Vacation Planning!


"Finally, school is over! summer vacation here we come!" shouts my best friend Samantha.

I just smile and laugh at her excitement, not that I don't want school to be over its just that she gets so thrilled about school being over every year. it is hilarious!

"Ya, its finally done for the year. Only one more year left......." I sigh thinking about having to complete yet another year at that dreadful place.

Sam looks at me and nods her head agreeing with me. All of a sudden she just stops me from walking, I look at her with confusion, "Um, don't have any plans this summer do you?"

I slowly shake my head trying to figure out what she is trying to ask me.

"Well........u mom thought that I should get away from this town for a while so she bought me two tickets to Venice. I asked who the second one was for and she said that it was for a friend I could take with me. So I was just wondering if you wanted to go with me?  The plane ticket there and back is free...."

I looked at her in shock. I cant believe that her mom would send her to Italy with a friend and no parental supervision at all.

"YES, I would love to go.  But you have to let me pay for my own plane ticket." I responded to her happily.

"YAY. But what! No way, the plane ticket is covered, how about when we are there you just pay for a few things, how does that sound?"

"Sounds great to me. When do we leave?"

"In two days. And we will be there for the whole summer break!"

"That's amazing!"

We keep walking and get to our car (since we are best friends our parents let us buy a car and we each pay for half of it) we get in and start driving to my house. on the way the radio starts to play the worst music ever! One Direction's what makes you beautiful comes on.

"TURN IT OFF!" screams Sam while covering her ears.

I laugh at her and turn it off. she notices me laughing and fake pouts, her face looks ridiculous right now! haha

I pull into the driveway at my place when Sam stops me from getting out, "do you want to crash at my place until we leave?"

"Ya, sure. come help me pack."

we get out of the car and grab our bags. I unlock the door and let myself in, "Mom, I am home," I shout to the house. No reply. I walk over to the counter and see that she left me a note saying that she left for her summer vacation earlier then planned.  every year for summer break she always goes on a trip with her 3 best friends from high school, they are gone all summer and that is how they keep in touch.  I think she just does this so she can get away from me and my brothers for a while, I understand her, my brothers are the most annoying creatures to walk the earth.

I decide to just text her and let her know I am going to Venice with Sam and that her parents are ok with it. I know my mom would be ok with it  because Sam's parents are.  also both of our family's are pretty wealthy so money is no issue for either of us. I walk up to my room and find that Sam is already packing my stuff.

I walk over and turn my music up. As we pack we have a dance party, so much fun.


A couple hours later we finish packing and take my two suitcases to the car (since we are going to be gone for over  two months, i am gonna need a lot of clothes. We climb in the car and drive off to Sam's place which is only like 2 minutes away. we pack some of her stuff and then just relax and watch a movie until we fall asleep.

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