life saver

a 19 year old girl named melanie had a big secret,only one person could get her through everyday her idol,justin bieber,his voice shoothed her,it relexed her in her time of need.what would you do if you were abused?


1. paralouge

blood dripped off my finger tip.a sharp pain stung my chest."help......"was the only words i could spit out before every thing went black.


         "shes awake."i slowly opened my eyes to see a a women and man in lightly stained lab coats."wha....where am i?"the women walked up to me and grabbed my hand"honey,your in the hospital."i was in a daze,and for no reason i was hurt."wha..why."she let go of my hand and started to arrange gauze on a shelf."well one of your neighbors heard a loud scream and gun shots,when we found you,you were on the floor in a daze, you suffer from a broken leg,arm,ten blows to the head,two gun shot wounds to the chest,and six stab wounds in the stomach,we were surprised you were still alive,your lucky."LUCKY?!DID SHE JUST SAY I WAS,LUCKY!MY MOM WAS ABUSING ME MY DAD IS NOWHERE TO BE FOUND,AND SHE SAYS IM LUCKY!"yea..."i would have said some thing but i wasnt going to be rude to the people who  saved my life."so how long am i gonna be here?"the doctor looked at a book at the edge of my bed."uhh,a month."WHAT A MONTH,well it wasnt that bad i do get to miss schoolbut,A MONTH!i decided to take a nap to think things over.

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