Hollow's Eve House

Harry, Vitoria, Niall, Emily, Liam, Sara, Louis, Elenour, Zayn, and Destiny were all normal teens. Then on Halloween they decided to go spend the night at the famous "Haunted House" on their street. Spooky noises, weird happenings and a creepy clown! What will happen? Will they survive? Read to find out!


1. Meet The Characters

Meet The Characters!



Harry Styles-Green eyes, dark brown, curly hair

Girlfriend- Vitoria-Green eyes, long, light brown, wavy hair.

Niall Horan- Blue eyes, blond hair

Girlfriend-Emily-Blue eyes, long blond straight hair.

Liam Payne- Brown eyes, brown hair,

Girlfriend-Sara- Brown eyes, short, brown wavy hair.

Zayn Malik- Brown eyes, dark hair, 

Girlfriend-Destiny- Brown eyes, dark, short brown hair.

Louis Tomlinson- Blue eyes, light blond-brown hair,

Girlfriend- Elenour- Brown eyes, long brown wavy hair.

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