I changed One direction

Shannon was just a normal teenager until she got turned into a vampire... What will happen when Shannon goes to a one direction concert and changes the boys into vampires... Will One direction be able to control there thirst,figure out there powers and Not get killed?!


1. Chapter one

                Shannons pov

           I'd just like to let you know now that im a vampire. In your human years im 18. But in my years im 558. Im one of the oldest vampires alive and i change famous people into vampires for fun. Most the time though they die because i cant control my thirst but still its worth it! So yeah here i am walking up to the o2 waiting to see the concert. Im  in the front row. I have a plan though as i don't have any VIP passes. In the concert im going to use one of my very useful powers to hypnotize them into coming and speaking to me. Thats when im going to attack. All the girls around me are screaming there heads of waiting to see there fav pop band ONE DIRECTION. Oh yeah sorry i forgot to mention before that it was one direction im going to change. Oh boy will this be fun. The boys started to jump on stage singing LWWY and looked at me. I let my eyes change colours trying to hypnotize them. The boy i was trying to hypnotize now had curly brown hair. If i was a human i might of fallen for him. But im not. After i hypnotize curly i start on the irish one... he was easy! Next was the dude with the buzz haircut. I stared into his eyes and began to work my magic. Buzz was a bit harder to control but i still did. 3 down 2 to go.

By the end of the concert i manged to hypnotize the one with black hair and then the crazy one who wore strips. After they popped down the stage i ran outside to meet the first boy. Ahh the irish one... his blood smelt nice. "Hello love whats your name?" he asked, irish accent strong. I couldnt take it much longer i had to taste his blood and change him NOW. I looked up at him whilst i felt my eyes turn red and my fangs start to come out. He stared at me shocked. He was just about to scream when i ran over to him using my vampire speed and covered his mouth and put my mouth to his neck. "Whats your name at the moment im calling you the irish one" I asked and told. He shook his head obviously not wanting to tell me. Hm i thought he was going to be easy!! I took hold of his neck tightly and pushed him up against the wall. "I'll ask you one more time what. is. your. name?!" I kept pushing his harder and harder against the wall. "My names Niall. Niall horan" He barley whispered. I let go of niall but he screamed "HARRY,LOUIS,LIAM,ZAYN HELP ME" I ran over to him and pushed him against the wall again. "Now sweetie that wasnt a very smart move now was it.. hhhmmm anyway im going to do something to you and i promise it will only hurt of a minute or two" i played around with him for a few more minutes before bitting into his neck, sucking nearly all his blood. I was suddenly stopped when i saw curly,stripy,buzz and zap (yes i named him after his tattoo) Curly was the first to speak. "OI PUT NIALL DOWN NOW" i turned to face the lifeless looking niall and cracked his neck. I heard them gasp. They really didnt know what they havve gotten themselfs into...

                                     Harrys pov.

We just came out of the concert and i went looking for niall. I suddenly stopped wen i heard a faint shout which sounded like nialls "HARRY,LOUIS,LIAM,ZAYN  HELP ME" i ran over to the boys and shouted "Quickly niall needs our help!" They all ran with me to a alley way. This girl with short blonde hair was holding niall against the wall looking lifeless. "OI PUT NIALL DOWN NOW!" i shouted bravely i could just about see two holes in nialls neck. I looked into her eyes and saw red. She couldnt be a vampire could she?! I mean vampires are supernatural right?! Suddenly she snapped nialls neck i gasped as he fell down onto the ground dead. "Oh,oh,oh boys you really dont know what you have gotten yourselfs into... i've helped your friend. You see i am a vampire and now so is your friend.. i drank to much from him so he was already dead, i just snapped his neck so he would come back as a vampire" I just stared at her anger boiling up in me. How dare she do that to one of my best mates... She must of found my anger amusing because she said "Curly whats your name i find it funny how you are so angry, after all didnt i just save your best mates life!?" I snarled at her and said "Im not telling you my name and its your fault he needed to be saved anyway" She shook her head. I turned around to see louis,liam and zayn looking at me worriedly. I then felt a cold hand grab my neck and push me against the wall. I looked over to louis, liam and zayn and they were walking towards the girl. "One more step and i'll drink him dry and let him die, now please just tell me all of your stupid names" I was scared so  i did what i was told. "Im harry,his louis, his liam and his zayn" She smiled and said "Ah okay harry now i promise this will only hurt a little bit" Before i could even begin to think about what she said i felt her razor sharp fangs dig into my neck. I screamed out in pain and the boys started to run over to me. The world started spinning as she kept on drinking from me. When the boys finally got to her she snapped my head and i drifted into darkness, feeling fire all over my body.

     Liams pov

    I heard harry scream in pain so i started to run over to her. She simply snapped his neck and dropped him. I felt tears pricking up in my eyes. "So whos next or we could change all of you together... Actually thats a good idea i'll change all of yu together" She launched herself and me,louis and zayn. We all kicked and screamed but she simply one by one drink and then snap. Zayn was first. I was mouthing its going to be alright but he simply shook his head. The woman bit and drank and drank and drank until zayn stopped screaming and drifted into unconscious then she snapped his head. Louis was next. He hadnt said much lately, i guess its alot to take in. He started shaking and then crying. The woman wipped his tears and bit. Louis face winced in pain and he held onto my hand. I could feel his body getting weaker and weaker then suddenly CRACK. I didnt want to look there ways i just wanted to have it over with. I grabbed a stick and quickly hid it behind my back hoping she hasent noticed. She bit into me and drank. I felt myself burn on fire and everything was spinning. When her eye were closed and she was ready to snap my neck i got the stick and stabbed her. Right in the heart. Too late she already snapped my neck but i heard her scream in pain as fire took over me...

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