A Niall Horan Fanfic


1. Pool time

I was walking to mine and Niall's home right after my jog around the block. When I entered the door of our home Niall wasn't home... Niall was home when I left I wonder where he went... I walk to the back of the house and open the sliding glass door and walk outside. Niall came running up behind me and picked me up and put me over his shoulder.

"Niall what are you doing?! Put me down right now!" I yelled at him trying not to laugh

Niall smirked at me "Well you stink and you're sweaty you need to clean up." He laughed

"Than take me to the shower!" I said still trying not to laugh

"Nahh it's to far." Niall chuckled

"Niall if you don't put me down right now I will throw away all the food in the kitchen!" I said in a serious tone

Niall pauses for a second "Ha good thing I already ate all the food in the kitchen." and keeps on walking toward our pool.

Niall lets go of me as I fly through the air and land into the crystal clear water of our pool. As I swim upwards I think of away to get Niall back for doing this to me. When I come up I act like I'm choking on something and I cough nonstop.

"Oh lord! Caitlyn are you ok?!" Niall says as he puts his hand out to help you out of the pool.

When Niall is off-guard I grasp his wrist and yank him into the water with me. Niall comes up and shakes the water out of his hair.

"I'm gonna get you for this!" Niall says

I swim away but Niall is a better and faster swimmer than me so he caches up to me quickly. Niall grabs my waist and pushes me up against the end of the pool. He kisses me on the lips lightly and over and over again. Each kiss becomes Longer and his hands than move for my waist and up my shirt. As I was about to do the same to him Louis came running toward the pool yelling "CANNONBALL!!" Me and Niall separate quickly.

Eleanor comes out and says "Louis! I told you to wait!"

"Who would have know how long these two would be at it? Plus I wanted my presents to be known" Lou says with a smirk on his face.

Harry, Liam, Zayn, Perrie, and Dani come out behind them. I swim toward Niall slightly and ask him "What is everyone doing here?"

"Ha must have slipped my mind but I invited everyone over today." Niall says smiling

"Thanks for the heads-up Niall." I say punching him lightly in his arm.



Everyone gets into their bathing suits which they were wearing under their clothes and gets into the pool. After a while of swimming around Lou says "How about we play chicken?"

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