Night Visitor

People all over the world are killing each other over an argument about who has the best imaginary friend. I wrote this poem in the eighties and Northern Ireland has started up again!


1. Night Visitor

Night Visitor


His mind lulled,dulled

By the haze of music and laughter

Time racing by for lack of thought

He heard,

Through the haze,

Faint, but yet enough 

To trigger involuntary reactions,

The door chimes chime.

Time began to slow

And he began to think

But slow, too slow.

Rising, he backed his way across the room,

Noting the time on the mantel clock,

But failing to ask the question.

He turned into the hall

Despite the questions

Flooding unanswered.

Time slowed

Allowing the answers to form

As he opened the door

And saw

The lamplight gleam on the barrel

As the finger squeezed the trigger.

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